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The report includes information from the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency), DVSA, Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB), Police National Database, and Experian.

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We do not simply provide you vehicle check reports; we back them up, as well. Our all car history checks come with a £30,000 data guarantee, giving you peace of mind on your next vehicle purchase.

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Rated Excellent

Thousands of customers have rated us Excellent on Review.IO, Google.com, and TrustPilot. The Auto Experts enjoy a Five Star rating on all these platforms, which is proof of our customer-centric, user-friendly approach.

What’s Included in our Vehicle History Report?
  1. Outstanding Finance Check - It reveals any outstanding loan against the car, as well as finance contract date, type, and term. You also get to know the finance firm's name, address, and agreement number.

  2. Police Stolen Check – Did someone report this car stolen to the police? If 'Yes,' avoid it; if 'Not,' the report will mention 'license plate not currently recorded by the police as stolen.'
  3. Write-off Check – When the vehicle has been written off in the past, the report discloses the insurance write-off categories assigned to it.
  4. High Risk – Has the vehicle been flagged as High Risk due to any dispute? If yes, we will clearly mention it in the report and strongly recommend not to buy a High-Risk vehicle.
  5. Import/Export Check – Has someone imported it or already exported it? Both these details are crucial, but remember that it is illegal to sell an exported car, and if you buy one accidentally, consider yourself doomed.
  6. Colour, Plate, Ownership Changes – Did the car change colour, number plate, and ownership? While all these changes are perfectly normal and could be innocent, they could also be hiding essential details about the vehicle.
  7. VIN Check - We examine all details documented against the 'Vehicle Identification Number' that are not noted down against the number plate. You will also get the last 5 digits of the VIN and match it with the logbook to avoid buying a stolen/ cloned vehicle.
  8. MOT and Mileage History Check - A complete MOT history including fail/pass status and failure/advisory notices along with recorded mileage at each MOT test. You will also know the MOT and tax expiry dates.
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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Sorry, it is not possible! The car data platforms in the UK, including 'The Auto Experts', are not designed to provide a vehicle's history through VIN. You need a car's registration number to get its complete history.

Unfortunately, you cannot! The car history report only informs you of the number of keepers. Even if you check the V5C document (logbook), it mentions the number of keepers and the name of the current keeper. The keeper may or may not be the owner.

Yes, they essentially are the same; the only difference is the name of data providers. Both the Auto Experts and HPI (Hire Purchase Investigation) fetch crucial information about a vehicle from nearly the same sources. For instance, both entities use Police National Computer to get stolen vehicle information. Similarly, the details of previous keepers, scrapped status, imported/exported data come from the DVLA.

The simple answer to this is ‘No’. However, if an accidental vehicle receives damages to the extent that it cannot be repaired economically or safely, its insurance company writes it off and assigns it a ‘Category’. Depending on the Category (A, B, S or N), the car may or may not return to the road. Whatever is the case, a category car is accidental, and you should pursue it after expert advice.

Unit stocking is a finance contract that enables the dealers to get the cars they want through a private seller, another dealership or auction without paying for them from their pocket. If the vehicle you are buying comes with a unit stocking plan, get an endorsement in written form that the dealer will clear the loan on the car.

Yes, it is totally worth every penny, allowing you to know the market price of the vehicle you will buy. Depending on where you are purchasing from - dealer forecourt, auction, part exchange, private etc., - you know the price you should pay for the vehicle on a particular channel.

If the seller is asking more than the market price, you can quickly negotiate it down and save your hard-earned money.

The Auto Experts or any other data provider can only give you the number of car keepers. Sorry, the owner information is not something any car history report can help you with. Only if you have a reasonable cause you can contact the DVLA to get the owner information.

Fortunately, our car history checks explicitly mentions ‘SORN’ declared vehicles. However, 'UNSORN' is not something you could find in our report since if a car is UNSORNed, it means it is taxed and insured.

You could also use the DVLA web page and askMID platform to know the SORN status of a vehicle.

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