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Find out if your bike has a hidden history

Motorbike History Check free can reply all the vital questions So that buying a bicycle gets to be a straightforward, energizing and fulfilling involvement for you.

Why should I check my motorbike history?

Purchasing a motorbike is tricky, and you don't want any unpleasant surprises afterward. When purchasing a used bike, the risks are also increased. Most people undoubtedly want to know that the price they are paying for the bike is reasonable and that there are no hidden fees.

Why should I worry with a motorcycle history check?

Similar to buying a used car, don't forget, bike crime is also unfortunately common. It's far easier to hide a suspicious VIN or lie about a bike's history than it is for a car, so buying a motorbike history check is essential. To be honest, it should be near the top of your list of due diligences.

To summarise, if you're buying a used car or bike, be sure you know everything there is to know about it before handing over your money.

What happens if I purchase a stolen motorcycle?

Purchasing a stolen bike is risky; the worst-case situation is that the vehicle is seized with no compensation. You might try to sue the vendor to collect your losses, but keep in mind that in the UK, if you bought it from a private seller, you have very little legal protection. If you purchased it from a registered trader, you may have some choices, but it will be a complete pain and a waste of your time and money.

What’s included in a free motorbike HPI check includes:

Our source of information is from one of the most potent vehicle databases in the UK. For basic details, use our motorbike history checks free.

Our free report includes:

  • Bike Make & Model
  • Bike Age
  • Bike Registration Place
  • Bike Engine Size
  • DVLA Bike registration details
  • MOT history
  • Fuel Type

All information provided by our bike checker is 100% genuine and ensures data guarantees up to £30,000. No motorbike history check is cheaper than The Auto Experts. We are familiar with offering detailed vehicle check reports at the cheapest rate. Get the fairest price for your bike with our 5-Brand valuation.

Analysing The Auto Experts vehicle history report is easier than ever. All the information is in a specific order and colored to show "danger" with red and "ok" with green.

What’s included in a Premium Bike Check?

In addition to the information provided in the free car check, our premium vehicle check includes the following:

  • Outstanding finance with agreement details and the company's contact number.
  • Stolen record status with the date of theft & contact number, if any.
  • Mileage anomaly and discrepancies to ensure the mileage is genuine.
  • Number of previous owners to check if the car had more owners.
  • Number plate change records from the DVLA.

Answering Your Questions

Sadly, no. It's illegal to reveal the bike owner's name, address, and other personal details. So, motorbike check won't provide such details. Yet, you will get to know the number of previous owners who rode the bike.

It's enough to judge the bike's condition. It is better to contact the DVLA to research other personal details of the owner. Ensure you have a valid reason for your search for a bike owner.

Even if it is a motorbike, car or truck, the insurer assigns write-off categories based on damage. Our bike checker report highlights if your bike has a written-off status.

Finance or import/export checks are never free since providers will be charged to get this data from the DVLA. Hence be attentive to any company claiming to offer free as complete motorbike history checks — since they are likely not being honest!

Enter the vehicle registration number and avail a full check. This report will show you an alert with what type of damage the bike has sustained and recorded by the DVLA. If you click on the write-off field, it will highlight the loss date, loss type, and MIAFTR entry date as retained by the insurer.