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5 Things to consider when buying a used Tesla in 2023

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The growth of Tesla and it’s reputation has been especially accelerated in the past few years. Now international market leaders in the electric vehicle industry, owning a Tesla has almost become a lifestyle, and a statement in a world where a greener way of living is very much encouraged. To ensure that you get the best deal possible on your future used Tesla, we have collected 5 things to consider before purchasing one:

1.Does the car have warranty?

Depending on which used car dealership you purchase from will dictate the length of the warranty your car will have. If you purchase directly from Tesla, they usually provide a warranty for 1 year or until your vehicle hits 10,000miles. Some dealerships tend to offer a warranty for a 3 months or a 6 months period, and some do not offer any at all, so it’s worth doing your research when looking for a dealership. 

Generally,  for the battery and drive unit, warranty is available for up to 8 years, but the basic vehicle limited warranty will cover your car for up to 4 years or 80k, depending on which comes first. Please visit the Tesla website for the full range of warranty options. 

2.The dealership you intend on purchasing from 

Most of the time you’d expect that the car dealers have all the knowledge needed to provide you with the right information about the vehicle you’re looking to purchase. It is important to check the dealership you’re intending on purchasing from to see whether they have the correct expertise for electric vehicles. If the professionals on the on site garage as an example do not have the necessary qualifications to check the electric cars over, it could lead to a problematic purchase with additional expenses down the line. 

3.Whether the car has sufficient paperwork that matches the vehicle

With any used vehicle it is important to see the full service history, whether the car has been in any accidents, as well as the full MOT history and any issues declared. When inspecting the documentation, ensure that you have a look that the vehicle number on the car matches the documentation. Furthermore, ensure you have a look att he history of the vehicle to find out whether it has been modified in any way to avoid any loopholes. 

4.List of features the Tesla has

Tesla cars such as a used Tesla Model 3, Model S or Model X come with a set of features and advanced features you can upgrade to as the vehicle’s owner. Before purchasing a used car, ensure you ask the dealership to log into the Tesla’s profile to vies all the features which are included and available with the vehicle. Looking out for the history of the software updates to ensure that the car is completely functional is also important before purchasing.

5. Is the sale price of the vehicle fair?

Ensuring that you get a great deal is on every buyer’s mind. Whether you’re in the market for a new or a used vehicle, future customers usually shop around to get the best deals possible. Being aware of market trends as well as using the evaluation tool is a great way to get the best price for your new used car.