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A car or a yacht? Discover the ultimate vacation

Yacht Charters

Have you ever taken a day off and actually rested from everything? Work is great, but everyone needs to rest perfectly. It feels good to relax, especially in places specially designed to do so. Of course, we’re talking about the UAE: this is the perfect place, with its dry climate, magnificent surroundings, and first-rate facilities, for a vacation. And there is plenty to do here: yacht charter Dubai allows you to rent a boat to travel by sea while enjoying beautiful views, and car rentals allow you to ride through the night streets and visit the city’s most famous nightlife spots. In this article, you will find suggestions for things to do in the UAE. So, let’s get started.

Yacht charter

How do you imagine the ideal vacation option? A person who has worked hard for a year, in our opinion, should be able to spend several days, if not weeks, away from home on a yacht. This can be done with friends or family in a pleasant setting. At the same time, there is a large selection of yachts: some models can accommodate up to 40 people, and prices start at only 130 euros per hour. The cost is very low when you consider how many people you can bring with you. For example, if you rent a yacht for ten people, everyone will pay only 13 euros for an hour on a beautiful ship. And, yes, the cost per hour decreases as the rental period lengthens; that is, the longer the rental period, the lower the cost per hour.

If you have never traveled on a yacht before, you must do so. This type of vacation cannot be compared to any other; it is unique. Examine photos of yachts and their layouts, and imagine yourself walking on the deck, breathing fresh sea air and sunbathing while sipping a cocktail. You probably have someone with whom you want to become closer and believe me when I say that if you invite this person to go on such a journey with you, he is unlikely to be able to refuse you.

Car rental

Another way to have a good time is to rent BMW in Abu-Dhabi or any other car brand. We’re guessing you have a dream car: something you’ve always wanted, but it’s either too expensive to buy or you don’t want to spend that much money on a car. But what if you simply take a ride? Renting for a few hours or days? It’s as simple as pie. Car rental companies in the UAE rent cars of all classes. You can rent any vehicle you want. In addition to regular cars, sports car rentals in Dubai and exotic car rentals are available. It all depends on your motivation and abilities.

We think you understand how to spend time with a sports car. Drive a Ferrari or a Lamborghini and wander through the night streets enjoying over four hundred horsepower under the hood, stopping by a number of famous places, visiting a number of nightlife facilities, and so forth.

car rental

It doesn’t matter where you go in such a car – the important thing is to give free rein to your desires and completely surrender to these sensations.

Are you concerned about the high cost of a car and thus reluctant to rent one? There is no need to be concerned. Each car is insured, as are all passengers’ lives and health. Read the rental contract, drive carefully, and obey traffic laws, and everything will be fine!


We hope this inspires you to take a break from work and think about yourself. People who spend their vacations abroad, travel, and have fun to the fullest are said to be more productive at work than those who prefer to work overtime and don’t think much about their leisure time. This is natural because there is such a thing as a change of scenery: you will not be able to fully relax unless you turn off your gadgets and give yourself at least a couple of weeks to forget about work. Yes, there are times when people cannot afford to turn off their phones and “go offline,” but we should always strive for this.