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8 tips for making a good auto check to know the truth of vehicle history

Auto check

When you are ready to purchase a vehicle in the UK, experts highly recommend running an auto history check. Bear in mind that an auto check, car history check, vehicle check, and HPI check are all the same, offering you crucial information about the vehicle you are interested in.

That said, there is a big difference between a free auto history check and a comprehensive premium history of any vehicle. A free check is helpful to narrow down your search and get initial information about a car. On the other hand, a premium check helps you avoid a rip off by presenting hidden information.

What does an auto check report include?

As mentioned earlier, auto data providers mainly offer two different types of checks: Free and Premium. Allow us to share the difference between these two auto check history reports.

Please note that our auto check report only reveals the last five digits of the VIN. We cannot display all seventeen digits because of the DVLA data disclosure law. You should match these digits with the chassis number on the vehicle to find any discrepancy.

Is it worth getting an auto history check?

Getting an auto history check is totally worth it. If you find yourself confused between free and premium plans, let us make it easier for you.

A free data check is good to shortlist your next vehicle. MOT history with advisory and failure notes, road tax status, recorded mileages, performance data, car specs etc., all would help you make an informed buying decision. For instance, MOT advisory and failure data tell you which components are not functioning correctly and needs repairs now or in the future. 

However, these details will not be enough to avoid a dud because they do not contain hidden information about a vehicle. You also need to know the car’s accidental, scrapped, stolen, clocked, and financial history. 

All these details and more are part of a premium auto check. For just a few pounds, you can avoid buying a clocked, financially disputed, stolen, clocked, and accidental car? Is it a bad deal?

Are an auto check and vehicle history check the same?

Yes, these terms mean the same. Different data providers in the UK use different words to describe their service. However, the report they generate features almost the exact details that could help you avoid a scam. So, why pay more for the same information?

During these harsh economic conditions, saving every penny is prudent. We offer the cheapest auto check in the UK starting from £4.99 against our competitors HPI – £19.99, RAC – £14.99, Car Tax Check – £9.99, Carveto – £12.90.

Prices and data above, as of Feb 2024. E&OE.

Is there any guarantee for the report we provide?

Yes, we completely stand behind our auto check report and offer a £30,000 data guarantee. We are confident about our data because we source them from authentic sources only. For instance:

  • We use The Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) to fetch the driver and vehicle data.
  • We request The Motor Insurance Fraud and Theft Register (MIAFTR) for insurance write-off information.
  • We get stolen vehicle data from The Police National Records (PNR).
  • The MOT history we receive from The Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).
  • Our Premium vehicle reports are from Experian, UK’s most trusted data provider.

Our auto check reports are not only accurate but also more detailed. For instance, we do not just give you a few MOT results; we provide you with complete history. Similarly, our car valuation and vehicle registration history are very much detailed. 

Other than that, we have a skilled team of industry experts and partners who provide you with a complete auto experience around vehicle buying and selling.


Like us human beings, a vehicle has to experience different situations in its lifecycle. The only way to know its past is through an auto check – not complimentary but a premium check. A stolen, written-off, or financed vehicle will leave you empty-handed, even after you fully pay for it. Spend just a few pounds and know all the hidden information about the car you want to buy for complete peace of mind.