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Cadillac and beyond – how infographics drive automotive sales and captivate buyers

Infographics have been present as a marketing tactic for decades now. Discover how manufacturers use creative techniques to entice buyers.

In the highly competitive world of car manufacturing, it is not enough to have a good product. You also need to promote it well.

For decades promotors have been using creative ways to attract buyers. One such tool is an infographic. Infographics are an excellent way to describe a product without seeming boring to the viewer.

 In the past, to create a successful infographic, teams needed to employ professional designers, writers, etc. Nowadays, you can just search the internet for a free template. VistaCreate is one website that provides many free templates, which you can access at this link here.

Why are infographics so appealing?

Infographics are so prevalent in our everyday lives because of their wide usage. Their usage is not limited to just car manufacturers. They are often used to display statistics, guides, timelines, etc.

There are a few reasons why Caddilac and other companies use infographics in their marketing. And we will mention some of them.

Visual storytelling

Graphs are a perfect way to make boring stuff look appealing. If not written creatively, most car specifications appear boring to regular buyers. People who aren’t interested in cars won’t find reading pages of content interesting.

Most car buyers view cars as a necessity, and charts help to make the information easily understandable. As companies make most of their sales from non-enthusiasts, they must cater to that market. With the background remover by VistaCreate, it is possible to edit photos and infographics as you like, remove the background and experiment with the features of the editor.

Speed and efficiency

There are a lot of specifications to a vehicle, and not all of them are important to the average buyer. Displaying only the necessary details is a way not to waste people’s time.

Car manufacturers utilize charts to be efficient with the information they want to present. This leads to better sales and more customer satisfaction.


There have been many infographics that have become memorable as the years passed. A bit of creative writing and design goes a long way, like the Cadillac One animagraff, which caught the internet by storm with its exciting visuals.

Car companies often seem to be competing with one another using charts. They are in a race about which manufacturer will be more creative than the other.

Importance of infographics

Lastly, infographics serve one final purpose, to sell a product. They were invented to make selling goods easier. But what exactly are the impacts that graphs have on the market?

Sales impact

In 2019, Cadillac launched a campaign to promote their upcoming vehicle. They utilized a vivid infographic which they promoted on all fronts.

The promotion led to a 15% increase in their website traffic. Most consumers focused on exploring all the infographic had to show. This led to a massive increase in sales.

Testing the waters

Infographics are a great way to gauge interest. Most car manufacturers reveal new features in their infographics which then cause demand for said feature.

A survey by Caddilac determined that almost 80% of buyers cited that the infographics were crucial in deciding on buying a car.

The future of infographics

One key factor that determines the future of infographics is technology. With the rise of the internet and software, these graphs have evolved into something more. Here are some examples.


Animagraffs are the next step in evolution. They employ the use of animation to display much more information effortlessly. Buyers can get a 360 view of the car while also being able to choose all the options.

Most new vehicles are displayed in this way. Manufacturers chose animated charts to allow the user to do more specific research.

Virtual reality experiences

Many modern companies employ the use of virtual or alternate reality goggles to give the buyer a more in-depth presentation of the vehicle.

For example, now marketers can help customers visualize specific components that were previously not easily accessible.

Augmented reality allows buyers to preview their cars without visiting a dealership. This spikes the interest of consumers while also giving them a better view of the car.


Infographics are a great versatile tool that helps both sellers and buyers. Marketers use them to promote their products better while consumers get a better picture of what they’re buying.

Cadillac has used charts to display its products for decades now. They have reported significant benefits to the company and more customer satisfaction.

From simple but creative designs to highly sophisticated and animated charts, infographics have come a long way and are bound to improve.

Infographics are a game-changer when it comes to product promotion. Charts proved to be an excellent tool for companies and an exciting way for manufacturers to compete.