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Car servicing tips to keep your luxury vehicle running smoothly

Car Servicing Tips

Equipped with cutting-edge technology, sleek designs, and unmatched performance, luxury supercars have a special spot in the hearts of car enthusiasts. When you purchase one, it isn’t just for transportation, it’s also a style statement showcasing your love for prestige and luxury.

However, it can get quite challenging for people to maintain and keep their supercars in perfect condition. Regular maintenance and servicing are essential for your car’s reliability, longevity, and performance. It also saves your vehicle from potential issues and problems in the future. Whether you own a Porsche, Range Rover, or Lamborghini, we’ll guide you with luxury car servicing in the following post.

Essential car servicing tips for your luxury vehicle

Supercars have many parts and components that need regular inspection and checks for best performance to prevent issues from popping up. Check out the following tips for your luxury car service to ensure it runs smoothly.

Regular engine oil change

One of the most important things related to car maintenance is regularly changing your vehicle’s engine oil. The engine is a vital part of the entire system and you must take care of it. Clean engine oil reduces wear and tear and friction by lubricating all the moving parts within the engine. Check out the recommended frequency for changing your luxury car’s engine oil, depending on its mileage.

Keep the tires in check

For optimum performance and efficient fuel consumption, you must check the tyres. Make sure to check the tyre pressure every month because overinflated or underinflated tyres affect your vehicle’s fuel consumption and handling. Also, remember to rotate the tyres regularly and check their tread depth.

Inspect the braking system

Brakes are important to ensure safety while driving so be aware of any unusual noises or any change in the working of your car’s brakes. Check the level of brake fluid regularly and ensure that it’s at an ideal level. You can take your vehicle to a supercar service centre and ask them to inspect the brake pads and rotors of your car.

Top-up fluid levels

From the power steering to transmission, and blinkers to radiator coolant, several fluids ensure the proper functioning of your vehicle. Keep an eye on these fluid levels and top up whenever any of them are low. Also, if there is leakage of any fluid, make sure to get it fixed as soon as you can.

Replace air filters

The air filter in the engine makes sure that debris and dust do not enter the engine. This ensures that combustion takes place with clean air. If the air filter is clogged, it affects the fuel efficiency and performance of your car. Check the air filter regularly and replace it if there is clogging or other issues.

Check the battery health

Make sure that the battery terminals are connected securely and that there is no corrosion. When the battery becomes old, get it tested to check its health. If the battery is weak, several functions will falter, and you’ll face trouble starting your supercar during the cold, winter months.

Look out for warning lights

Several warning lights in supercars indicate different issues and problems. Pay attention to if any of these lights are blinking as that offers important information about the health and functioning of your car. Also, if any warning light turns on, consult a professional and get the issue fixed as soon as possible.

Keep the vehicle clean

Grime, debris, and dust can damage the upholstery and paint of your luxury vehicle. Clean both the interior as well as the exterior of your car regularly. This will make sure that your vehicle looks great and that all critical areas function properly.

Schedule regular inspections

Apart from taking proper care of your supercar yourself, you should also follow its service schedule and regularly get it inspected by certified professionals for possible damage.

Skilled technicians at a reliable supercar bodyshop like GVE London will repair any potential damage and fix any issues before they turn into a major, costly problems. Regular check-ups also keep the resale value of your car high.

Importance of servicing & maintenance for luxury cars

Your supercar is a significant investment, signifying your success and hard work. In contrast to regular cars, luxury vehicles demand a lot of care and attention for optimal performance. If you neglect its maintenance, it spoils the driving experience and can lead to costly repairs.

Timely luxury car servicing and maintenance ensures elite-level performance, great appearance, and unmatched comfort in your vehicle. It also keeps it in top-tier shape so that its resale value stays the maximum. Doing this, you’ll get a lot of pleasure in driving your supercar, while extending its life.


Getting your luxury car serviced and maintained regularly is an investment for its high performance and longevity. When you follow the vital tips shared above, it will prevent issues from arising and will extend the lifespan of your vehicle.

Overall, you’ll have a better, smoother, and safer driving experience. If you own a luxury vehicle and are searching for a supercar bodyshop or service centre, you must get in touch with skilled professionals like GVE London for the best care of your vehicle.