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How To Check a Vehicle Service History For Free in The UK?

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Assume when you finally find your best-loved Audi in the market, but something does not feel right. 

No doubt, Audi has some magnificent features and is a nice ride, but you are a used one. That’s why you must make sure that it is structurally and mechanically robust, not just from the outside but inside too and want to know if the service history is legitimate or not. Because fake service records are still common in the UK despite recent clampdowns.

But how to know the vehicle service history record is genuine?

And What to do when you have bought Audi with a dubious service record?

Last but not least, is this service history check only for Audi? All this and more in our guide to help you in your buying decision.

Vehicle service history check Auto Experts

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How Do I Check The Car Service History?

Want to know more about your vehicle service history records? You have got two options for that.

Option 1: Take out the owner’s manual and check the maintenance record in it. Although this was the only way to know the car service record in the past, now, the mechanics do not bother to fill the manual when everything is digitalized. So, if you did not find anything in it, try the second option.

Option 2: Spare some time and visit the service department of the car. Give them the Vehicle Identification Number, and they will check and provide service records if there were any.

Get the Vehicle Identification Number of any vehicle in its V5C logbook or under the windscreen. You can also cross-check the VIN number you found out there is genuine or not with our vehicle data report. We will provide you with the last 5 digits of the VIN for any vehicle along with all crucial hidden history the vehicle has.

A pre-purchase vehicle inspection is done by a qualified mechanic and gives you a detailed report of every single part along with photographs.

Can I Check The Vehicle Service History With The Auto Experts For Free?

You can get the details of every MOT tests the vehicle has undergone and what are advisories and failure notices have been issued. So that, while buying a used vehicle, you can easily know what are parts are lightly damaged and severely damaged. And the important thing is, it’s available for free with us. We hold the record of MOT tests performed in England, Scotland and Wales since 2005.

If you have the 17-digit VIN of the car and you want to check, just go to the government website and know where the MOT tests have been carried out.

Is it a Good Idea to Buy a Vehicle with No Service History?

You should know that sellers will not always have service history records.

But it is true that a car missing any car service history is a bad sign. It may save you a little money in buying, but you should prepare for any unexpected failures and massive repair bills. Usually, one car problem creates another, that’s why we suggest you buy from a good seller. Avoid buying any car without an accurate Service record. Don’t forget to get the service history from our free car hpi check and decide if you want to buy the car or not.

Are Cars With No Service History Cheaper?

Most people do not know, but you can get a discount when the car has no logbook or service book. There is no fixed formula for it, but experts say you get 24% off on cars missing service history. But it is different for all cars depending on supply and demand, make, and warranty.

On the other hand, sports cars such as Audi S will not be on discount if the service records are missing. But if the seller is unaware of this fact, you may get some cut-off.
Anyway, the point is that you can haggle with the seller on price if the car has no maintenance history. You may save thousands of pounds.


Give the car’s registration number. BMW, Audi, Benz or any vehicle, we will provide entire MOT history and information about any car component that does not work or had issues during the test, which will reveal how good the quality of the car is and helps you determine how well the vehicle has been maintained.