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Crucial car history check report for buying a used car

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Buying a used car can be daunting, but with our comprehensive report, you’ll gain valuable insights into a vehicle’s past. We delve deep into its history, including ownership records, accident reports, mileage verification, and more. With this valuable insight, you can ensure you’re making a safe and informed purchase. So here, we’ll explore how to check a car history and how it can benefit used car buyers.

Are you thinking of buying a used car? How do you decide it’s your car? You might have a massive checklist of what to see or ask while looking at a used car. Does a free vehicle history check is in your priority list?

Few motorists consider checking your vehicle history as it costs you more and thinks spending pounds is unnecessary. But, a car history check is the key to identifying whether your car has a hidden past that the seller tries to conceal.

Why is it necessary to check the car report? 

The Crucial Car history check offers the details specifying your vehicle’s information. It helps with buying a car with peace of mind through Checks like whether the vehicle is financed or the previous owner takes a logbook loan, has an accident history if previously reported as stolen, and many more. Let’s discuss each one. 

Before that, remember that the primary vehicle details can be obtained from the government website for free. But, to know the real issues, you need expert guidance.

What details are included in our free vehicle history check?

Our free vehicle history report will provide 50+ data points. Find the car history report in one click, where you need to enter the registration number of your vehicle. It highlights your Total car check information, which is or can be a significant issue. We, The Auto Experts, first let you know the free data. It includes:

  • Full MOT, tax and mileage history
  • Euro emission standards and Co2 emissions
  • Model and Year of Manufacture
  • Date of first DVLA vehicle registration
  • Fuel type
  • Last V5C issue date
  • Engine size
  • View the sample report here.

The above free vehicle history report details don’t highlight the high risk. It is required to clarify whether the seller’s details match the online vehicle data. You can check the number plate for free or look at the sample report.

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If you purchase a second-hand car, you should learn as much as possible about its history. Doing so lets you discover information that the seller might not want you to know. As part of these checks, we look for discrepancies in the car’s history, such as written-off cars, stolen and much more.

What are the high-risks buyers should know? 

It isn’t easy to get legal protection if you buy a used car from a dealer. Hence, it would help if you learned what the vehicle is by enquiring with the seller and cross-checking the details.

The significant issues that decide the car are in danger or even no use to buy can conclude in these five scenarios:

Is the vehicle legally yours? 

Yes, the car may currently be owned by the finance company or some lenders. Possible when the seller tries to sell when they can’t pay back the debt amount. It would help if you carefully chose the financed car as the ownership transfers when you settle the debts, or else it is under the lender’s name.

It comes to the market by masking it at a low or discounted rate. So, avoid falling into traps. Take a check for a car history free UK and vehicle outstanding finance check before you pay. The report tells if the cars are financed, yes; then know the finance company, finance agreement, and contact details of your vehicle.

Once you know that the vehicle is yours legally, you can transport your car wherever you need with a company like A1 Auto Transport Inc.

Do you know if it’s been stolen?

There are chances that the seller is not an actual owner or purchased illegally. You can’t say which car was stolen before by just looking at the car or keeping trust in the dealer. Buying a car that belongs to someone is a crime. When you find that, return to the police, or they can seize it anytime. Ultimately, the amount you spend on the vehicle is void, and there are few chances to get protection from insurance.

Avoid these kinds of losses by wisely investing in stolen car check before you are ready to pay for them. The report clarifies revealing the date of theft and police contact information if your vehicle is stolen.

What if the mileage tampers?

One in 16 vehicles is reported with a mileage discrepancy. In the used car market, it is common to have a car with rollback miles. The rollback is expected in a case when the vehicle goes for servicing. But you can find the last mileage recorded in the service booklets. What is the use of tampering with car mileage? Profit! Yes, the lower the mileage, the higher the car price.

The threat is long-run vehicles have limited life, and car parts can easily be worn out. Often repair or replacement might cost you more which can be higher than the used car price. Hence, check the actual mileage recorded in the odometer and cross-check with the mileage history check reports.

Does the vehicle have any accident marks?

Thousands of vehicles are reported as a write-off in a day. Hence, you should know whether the used car has an accident history from the write-off categories. Motorists have to inform the DVLA and insurer once the vehicle meets with an accident or any misfortunes. The insurer is in charge of evaluating the damaged car’s legal roadworthiness. Based on the damaged vehicle is categorized.

Ensure your chosen car does not come under Cat A or Cat B write-off status, as these vehicles are meant to be crushed.

How much is my car worth? 

You should be alerted to its value when you find the price, car model, and colors attractive. There are a few factors to conclude the actual deal. They are:

  • Number of previous owners: More than four car previous owners are a hard sell in the used car market. It is a fact, and expert advice is to keep the number 3 more than that is inviting danger to you. Hence, carry out the previous car owner check and find the additional details like color change, number plate change, etc.
  • Car service history: It is not mandatory to check the vehicle service history like MOT. But, you should ask the seller about it to know how the vehicle owner maintains the vehicle. Learn ways to find the vehicle service history.

If you want to know its price, ensure you carry out a car valuation check. It helps to tell how much the vehicle costs based on the estimated mileage. The premium report reveals the vehicle value, whether it is a dealer, private seller, or auction.

This guide is helpful for the motorist planning to buy a used car this year. We at The Auto Experts highlight the high-risk best free car history check information that helps to decide on choosing the next vehicle.

How do I obtain a free vehicle history check?

You can get a free VIN check at the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB),, or Just pop in your car’s registration number; these sites will do the VIN lookup and give you information on the vehicle.

What is the most effective way to check a car’s history/free vehicle history check?

A free way to get essential information about a used car is to visit the National Insurance Crime Bureau. If you type in the identification number of the vehicle you want to buy, you will at least be able to see if it has been issued a salvage title or was stolen. You can avail of a comprehensive HPI check at the lowest price.

How do I check the history of a classic car?

To check the history of a classic car, start by entering its VIN or chassis number. Then, utilize online databases, and contact The Auto Experts to get a valuable classic car history check online.