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Equip your WRX with a roof box – For extra utility and appearance

WRX with a roof box

The WRX with roof box is a popular setup among the Subaru drivers who desire additional cargo space for various outdoor activities such as skiing, camping, or carrying extra gear. Enterprise is ready and waiting! Whether you’re an experienced adventurer or just starting out, there’s nothing quite like hitting the open road and exploring the great outdoors.

However, when it comes to packing everything you need for your adventure, space can quickly become limited. That’s where roof boxes come in handy. These convenient additions to your vehicle allow you to bring along everything you need for your next journey without sacrificing valuable interior space. The WRX with a roof box is a testament to the harmonious blend of style and functionality.

The need of a cargo box for extra capacity

When it comes to enterprise, few encounters can compare to hitting the open street in a sporty Subaru. And equipping the Subaru WRX with a roof box transforms it into a versatile vehicle, ready to tackle any journey with added cargo space. With its capable motor and energetic handling, this type of car is built for adrenaline-pumping journeys. In any case, as any enterprise devotee knows, the requirement for additional capacity space can frequently emerge. 

Benefits of employing the WRX with a roof box

Including a roof box in your Subaru WRX can significantly improve your experience and provide various benefits that make it a fundamental embellishment for any open air devotee. Whether you’re heading on a family street trip, setting out on a skiing or snowboarding enterprise, or basically require additional capacity space for your camping adapter, a roof box is a game-changer.

One of the key benefits of using a roof box is the included capacity it offers. The Subaru WRX, whereas known for its lively execution and smooth plan, may need the openness of a bigger vehicle. With a roof box, you immediately pick up important capacity space without compromising the inside comfort of your car. 

Choosing the proper box

So, which roof box fits my car? Good question. When it comes to improving your WRX enterprise, choosing the right box can be tricky. Not only does a cargo box give you the extra capacity space that you need, but it also guarantees that your possessions are secure all through your travel. In any case, with so numerous alternatives accessible within the showcase, it can be overwhelming to make the proper choice. Here comes some of the most popular types:

Aero roof box: Known for their aerodynamic design and sleek appearance, these are popular for reducing wind resistance and noise.

Cargo basket: Versatile and widely used for open storage, making them a common choice for various types of cargo.

Large capacity box: Popular for those who need maximum storage space, especially for extended trips and vacations.

Ski/snowboard box: Highly popular among winter sports enthusiasts for securely transporting skis and snowboards.

Multifunctional box: Roof boxes with features like dual-side opening, integrated locks, and compatibility with various roof rack systems are often preferred for their versatility.

which roof box fits my car

Installing the roof box on your WRX 

Step 1

Plan your devices and materials

Accumulate all the vital things such as a torque, screwdriver, measuring tape, and any extra equipment given with the roof box. Make beyond any doubt you have a clear workspace and defensive equipment to guarantee security amid the establishment.

Step 2

Position the roof box on the roof rack

Carefully position the box on your car’s roof rack, guaranteeing it adjusts with the crossbars. Take estimations to guarantee appropriate situations and rise to dividing on both sides of the vehicle. This will offer assistance to keep up adjustability and solidity while driving.

Step 3

Secure the roof box to the roof rack

Utilize the given mounting equipment, join the box to the crossbars of the car. Take the manufacturer’s information for the particular connection strategy, whether it includes clamps, brackets, or other instruments.

Step 4

Check for steadiness and adjust as required

Once the connection of the roof box is safely done, deliver it a tender shake to guarantee it’s steady and appropriately secured. In case you take note of any wobbling or development, double-check the fastenings and make essential alterations. 

Step 5

Test the usefulness and load capacity

After installation, test the usefulness of the box by opening and closing it to guarantee smooth operation. Furthermore, confirm the weight capacity to guarantee you do not surpass the suggested limit. 

Maximizing inside space – Tips for productive packing

Whether it’s a winter ski trip, a summer camping escapade, or a weekend getaway, make sure your car is ready for any adventure. With that said, maximizing inside space in the roof box for these trips is still vital for fitting everything. The limited trunk space of a sports car just like the WRX requires careful planning and effective pressing methods to guarantee you’ve got everything you would like without relinquishing consolation.

Prioritize fundamental things

Make a list of must-have things for your trip and pack them to begin with. This incorporates clothing, toiletries, and any fundamental medicines. By beginning with the basics, you’ll better gauge how much space you’ve got cleared out for extra things.

Utilize pressing 3D shapes or compression packs

These convenient organizational devices can offer assistance to maximize space inside your WRX roof box. Packing 3D shapes permit you to flawlessly isolate and categorize your possessions, whereas compression sacks can shrivel bulky things like clothing or resting packs, decreasing their by and large estimate.

Pack deliberately

Put heavier and denser items at the foot of your trunk to disseminate weight equitably. This not only guarantees solidness whereas driving but too avoids things from moving amid travel.

Utilize each alcove and cranny

Take advantage of any accessible space in your box insides. Utilize under-seat capacity compartments, entryway pockets, and even the space beneath the front seats for little things or crisis supplies.

Consider collapsible or inflatable adapt

Want collapsible camping chairs, tables, or indeed inflatable sleeping pads to spare space. These versatile items can be effectively put away in your cargo box when not in use, permitting for more productive pressing.

Safety considerations regarding using a roof box with your WRX

When it comes to upgrading your WRX experience with a roof box, security ought to be continuously important. While roof boxes give important storage space for your open-air adapter, it’s pivotal to guarantee appropriate establishment and take fundamental safeguards to preserve the security of your vehicle and those around you.

To begin with and first, it’s essential to consider the weight restraint of your roof. Each vehicle includes a greatest weight capacity for housetop adornments, counting roof boxes. Surpassing this restriction can put undue stress on your vehicle’s roof and influence its soundness and dealing with. Allude to your vehicle’s manual or consult with a proficient to decide the weight restrain.

Support and care of your roof box

Keeping up and caring for your box is always important to secure and pleasant experience. Normal upkeep will not only expand the life expectancy of your gear, but moreover improve how it looks out on the streets.

To begin with and foremost, it is basic to clean your roof box routinely, optimally after each trip. Evacuate any soil, tidy, or flotsam and jetsam which will have been collected. Utilize a gentle detergent or car wash cleanser, in conjunction with a delicate wipe or cloth, to tenderly scour the outside. Wash altogether with clean water and permit it to dry totally some time recently storing it.


Roof boxes are a game-changer as they are a helpful way to transport your equipment, but also doing so in a way that can help increase the looks of your car. Whether you’re a speed enthusiast or an outdoor explorer, the WRX fitted with a roof box caters to your every need in promising a well-equipped driving experience with all of your luggage intact. So, make sure to take advantage of the whole potential of your vehicle!