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Everything you should know about charging your EV

EV Charging

Owning an EV (electric vehicle) is a huge step toward sustainability. People tend to invest in EVs, but they also have questions, especially about charging. That’s why this guide will provide all the needed information to smoothly use an electric vehicle:

Charging options

Let’s take a look at the charging options:

  • Level 1: Standard Outlet – The slowest charging option, which is best for overnight charging or topping off the battery
  • Level 2: 240V – The most common option that reduces the charging times, but it’s an investment if you want to install it at home.
  • DC Fast Charging – Usually found at the charging stations on the road, but may degrade the battery health if you use it too often

How to optimise your EV charging

While owning an EV is a big responsibility, you also have to think about charging the vehicle regularly. When on the road, you have to plan the charges carefully, as sometimes there aren’t many stations available between two spots. So, here are our tips:

  • Plan the charging ahead by locating the stations on apps or websites
  • Sometimes electricity rates are lower during off-peak hours, like at night or on weekends
  • Pre-condition the battery so you can improve efficiency, especially when it’s cold outside
  • Use solar power – How many solar panels are needed to charge an electric vehicle depends on several factors, including your car’s battery size, driving habits, and local sunlight hours

How to be a responsible EV owner?

While you’re already environmentally responsible and aware, there are some useful tips you have to follow:

  • Optimise the charging to save time and money
  • Understand the mentioned charging options
  • Use renewable energy sources to charge your EV
  • Stay informed on battery recycling practices
  • Regularly maintain the EV to ensure optimal battery health
  • Drive responsibly and adjust the speed on the road conditions
  • Recommend the EVs to friends so they can follow your example

You see, it doesn’t take much to make a change. You only have to know when and how to start – and investing in EV can be the first big step you take towards environmental awareness and sustainability.

Being an EV owner takes some time until you learn how it works and what it takes to always have the battery optimally charged. By following our tips, you can ensure smooth and convenient EV ownership. It’s the future of cars and traveling – you only have to adapt to the charging stations and battery capacity. After that, the whole experience is more than great! 

Integrating EVs into your daily life

Transitioning to an EV involves integrating new habits into your daily routine, but it’s a manageable shift. For instance, many EV owners find it convenient to set up a home charging station, which allows them to charge their vehicles overnight and wake up to a full battery every morning. Additionally, taking advantage of workplace charging can be a great way to keep your EV topped up during the day. Moreover, many public places, such as shopping centres and car parks, now offer EV charging points, making it easier to maintain your vehicle’s charge while running errands or enjoying leisure activities. By familiarizing yourself with the charging infrastructure in your area and incorporating charging stops into your routine, you’ll find that owning an EV is not only practical but also highly rewarding.