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Exciting weekend trips in a rented campervan with family!

Trips in a Rented Campervan

Living in the world’s best city, like London, can be a blessing, but the hustle and bustle may soon overpower anyone, making them tired. That’s why seeking someplace where you can pause and feel your breath once again is crucial. Already, surveys show that one in every eight adults in the UK feels tired throughout the day, with another 25% having such feeling for a good part of the day and 33% half the time. If you wish to improve your life quality and health, give yourself a much-deserved break. In London, you can plan weekend getaways easily as many beautiful locations are only a few hours’ drive. Plus, you can rent a campervan to spend time amidst nature. 

Do you wish to enjoy a mini adventure? Hire a suitable-sized campervan from campstar or other well-known sites to make the most of the upcoming bank holidays or a two-night escape. Let’s look into the options now.

The Cotswolds

This weekend destination will remind you of fairytale stories with the gorgeous settings of cottages with crawling ivies punctuated with cobblestone paths. As you drive your van, verdant forests and the murmurs of the brooks will draw your attention. It can be a perfect weekend hideout for anyone who wants to reach their destination quickly. After you get to this place in 2.5 to 3 hours from London, you can look forward to doing plenty of leisure activities. For instance, the Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens has more than 260 wildlife species. You can be there all day to delight in the nature’s treasures. There is also Stow-on-the-Wold, an old market town. It’s another beautiful site. Don’t miss the St Edward’s Church, though. You would have seen something like this in just the storybooks. 

Jurassic Coast

Those who’re unaware ought to understand that this UNESCO World Heritage Site is only three hours from the metropolis. The website gives you a flavor of the maximum spectacular geology with landforms, rocks, and fossils from the more than 252-million-12 months-old Triassic generation. Like others, you can hunt for fossils here. It can be a memorable souvenir to carry back home. Or, evoke your beachy side because the Jurassic Coast has scintillating sandy stretches in Knoll Beach, Middle Beach, and Shell Bay. Depending on the weather, you can dive into the water to relish the ocean views. For more adrenalin rush, rock jumping-like opportunities are also available.


You may already know this popular seaside destination as part of your childhood memories. It can be a long road journey compared to others, but there will never be a dull moment. Soak in the enchanting surroundings and play your favourite playlist. Once you are here after 5-6 hours of journey, you can explore sites like the Lizard Peninsula, St Ives, and Falmouth. Even if you gorged on chips and fish on the road, stop at a local restaurant for some tasty seafood recipes. Go to Seal Island by boat with the family to see the colony of wild seals from proximity. Be ready to encounter dogfish, sea anemones, and anglerfish as well.

Most of these weekend destinations have amazing campervan parks and facilities. Hence, planning a trip to any of these places should be easy.