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Do you need to identify a car owner in the UK but only have their registration number plate (VRM)? Knowing how to find the car owner by registration number plate can be valuable information, whether for legal matters, resolving a dispute, or simply satisfying your curiosity. To know how many owners a car has is valuable information. In this blog post, we will explore the various methods and resources available to help you uncover the identity of a vehicle’s owner using nothing but their registration number plate.

  • Find the car owner by registration number plate: Approaching DVLA is the best option to find the car owner by registration number.
  • According to laws in the UK, no car number plate check will reveal the owner’s personal information. It is unlawful.
  • How many registered keepers does a vehicle have, and what is some other crucial information?

This guide will help you. So, you can buy any used car with peace of mind.

Will a vehicle check show a registered keeper’s name?

It is unlawful in the UK to reveal the registered keeper’s or owner’s name unless you have a legal cause.

Still, if you want to find out, contact the DVLA, request driver details, and give them a “legal cause” – they will analyze the situation and provide points if the reason was valid enough.

If you’re looking to find the owner of a vehicle by license plate, you can avail of a DVLA car owner check.

Note: No vehicle check (even the HPI) will show you the current registered keeper’s name, address or contact number.

What owner information will you get in a vehicle check?

A simple vehicle check from The Auto Experts will show the number of registered keepers who have owned the vehicle previously but not the owner’s details, such as contact number or address.

Get a vehicle check here, and we will reveal the following information to you.

  • Date of first registration, model and year
  • The total number of car owners is according to the V5C logbook.
  • The date when the last owner sold the vehicle
  • The date when the previous owner bought the car
  • Town or city where it was first registered and more data!

Our comprehensive car check only costs £9.99 (the cheapest check compared to other providers), and you get the details about the vehicle’s outstanding finance, accident history, theft, scraping, and many more. Know where to find the v5c number online and get clear information.

Where can I find the number of previous owners?

If you want to search for your previous car ownership history, several options are available.

Here are a few examples:

  1.  Check the number of previous owners (keepers) of your car by Running a vehicle history check for your car at £9.99
  2.  Make sure the V5C logbook is accurate. Check out this information.
  3.  The DVLA must be contacted via Form V888 – see instructions below.

How do you find the car owner’s details and address with the license plate?

Still, if you want to find a car owner by number plate, whether it is the name or address you seek, the process is the same for any detail, i.e., Fill out the V888 form here, specify a valid cause, and send it to the DVLA.

But remember that there are negligible chances of getting the details when the reason is insufficient.

For instance, if your motive is to know the owner of a car parked outside your house, it is better to let DVLA or the local council know.

What if I have a legal dispute and need the personal details of a vehicle’s registered keeper or owner?

No, any vehicle check will not show you this car number plate information. Finding a car owner by registration number is not easy because the DVLA cannot disclose the privacy of others for no reason. Plus, it is illegal; no one can access such information without a legal cause like the one below.

  • Knowing the driver in a hit-and-run case.
  • Finding the owner speculated of insurance fraud.
  • Discovering the owner of an unknown car parked outside your house.
  • Locating the owner of a dumped car.
  • For sending trespass charges and parking ticket notices to car owners.

So, a better alternative is to contact the DVLA for it. A legal dispute with someone is not a “just cause”, so there are fewer chances, but it is free to try.

If you purchase a risky car, then it won’t be easy in the future when you wish to sell your car.

Do you require a DVLA car owner check?

Because the DVLA Vehicle check only provides some information to some who request it, obtaining a vehicle owner check from them is more challenging than you may think.

To be sure you’re receiving a reasonable price, it’s crucial to study a vehicle as much as possible if you’re concerned about it.

What exactly do I get with a car owner registration check?

  1. The previous owners sold to date
  2. The previous owner’s purchase date
  3. Existing owner’s ownership tenure
  4. The current owner’s purchase date
  5. The V5C logbook shows how many previous owners there have been.
  6. date of vehicle registration, car’s age, Latest V5C issue date
  7. The city/region/country in which the vehicle was registered with the DVLA

Using online reverse license plate search services

One of the most convenient ways to find a car owner is through online reverse registration plate search services. These platforms compile extensive databases of vehicle registration information and allow users to search for car owners based on their license plate numbers. Enter the registration number into the search bar, and the service will provide you with relevant ownership details. Remember that some services may charge a fee for access to their database.


Find the Car Owner by Registration Number Plate: When you are concerned about a car, you can get some details (not the owners’) from our vehicle check, but not the car owner’s personal information. For that, you should contact DVLA or your local council. The DVLA will ask you for a reason; if your defence is valid enough, they will disclose the personal details of the car owner.

Answering your questions

Does a V5C show all previous owners?

No, it shows Only the current keeper plus the previous keeper’s information.

How can I check the other details about previous keepers, like their names and addresses?

If you are looking for specific information like name and address, you must request it to DVLA with the proper reason.

Can I tax a car if I’m not the registered keeper in the UK?

You can tax a car in the UK even if you’re not the registered keeper, provided you have the necessary documents and authorization.

Can you trace a car owner by number plate?

As a private individual, you cannot trace a car owner by their number plate in the UK. This information is restricted to authorized personnel, such as law enforcement or government agencies, for legitimate purposes. It is illegal and a breach of privacy laws to attempt to obtain this information without proper authorization.

Can you check who owns a car in the UK?

No, as a private individual, you cannot check who owns a car in the UK. Access to such information is restricted to authorized personnel and government agencies. Suppose you need to know the owner of a vehicle for a legitimate reason. In that case, you should contact the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency).

How do I find out if the car number plate has been issued?

To find out if a car number plate has been issued, you can check with your country or region’s relevant vehicle registration authority. In the UK, you can contact the DVLA or use their online vehicle enquiry service to check the status of a number plate.

How many keepers for a car are too many?

Buying a car with numerous previous owners who have maintained it well is okay.

The average period of ownership for a car is constantly falling because of the rise of vehicle financing. People keep their vehicles for less time than they formerly would have. Most people replace them after 1-3 years.

In the UK, a car is typically kept by its owner for six years on average. A car’s physical and mechanical condition is also significantly more important than its various owners.

What do if someone has registered a car your address in the UK?

To find out if a car number plate has been issued, you can check with your country or region’s relevant vehicle registration authority. In the UK, you can contact the DVLA or use their online vehicle enquiry service to check the status of a number plate.

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