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Free HPI Check? Grab The Best And Cheap Car HPI Check – £8.95

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The HPI check was the only authentic way to check car history in the past; even now, the car history checks are also called an HPI check. But time flies, and you get a competition eventually.

In recent years, the car data market in the UK has evolved and opened up, meaning you can now get the same information about the vehicle from other providers, but for less money.

Still, some people prefer HPI check because they think that it is an all-in-one package and provides information that others do not. Well, it is a half-truth. The HPI check has only one package. In contrast, we have two packages; free and premium. If you want the same information as the HPI, opt for a premium car history check, and you will find no info missing – That is a promise.

But buyers beware; most car history check services are scams you with a free HPI check label. There is no such thing as a Free HPI check. So, it would be best if you found a genuine service provider like The Auto Experts where you get a premium check (equivalent to HPI check).

free hpi check

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What does HPI Clear mean?

“HPI clear” is a term used for cars, vans, motorbikes, and any other vehicle registered in the UK that has no adverse history, meaning it has no outstanding finance, is not written-off, is not stolen or scrapped. etc.

In other words, the “HPI clear” branded cars tell that you can buy, sell, and drive the vehicles legally in the UK.

What I Get From a Cheap Car HPI Check?

The HPI check is not more than just a vehicle history check service like ours; We are giving you the same vehicle history report in less than half price – so, why pay more?

Still not sure about it? Here is what we offer in our premium check:

What Is The Price Of The HPI Check?

HPI offers only one package, which is not cheap at all. For a one-off vehicle history report, they will charge you £19.99! Source.

Now you can get the cheapest HPI check for just £8.95 Plus, our data providers are the same, and we also offer a £30,000 Data Guarantee against the cheapest HPI check we provide while the official HPI also offers you the same. So, there is no point in paying more.

Still, waiting for getting a check? Type the Vehicle Registration number and click “Get Report” to get basic information about that vehicle. It doesn’t cost you any pence. Upgrade to our £8.95 premium report and explore all hidden history of the car. That’s you got the cheapest HPI check and saved up to £10.

Are All Checks The Same As HPI?

Sadly, no.

Not all providers include the detailed vehicle history report in their check. We all are different in our approaches. However, we guarantee to provide all information in our vehicle checks which you can get from an HPI check. How are we better than them? We offer the complete history report for just £8.95, while the HPI check will cost you £19.99.

Can I Get Free HPI Check From The Auto Experts?

Both yes and no,

We offer a free vehicle check, but it is not as detailed as our premium and not equivalent to an HPI check. No provider can claim that they can give you a free HPI check. If there is one; it is a scam because, for the premium check, the providers are being charged from their sources. How can one offer a free check when they are being charged themselves? They would go bust overnight!

The DVLA charges us £1 to £5 for each check so, no one will give this kind of information for free as it would be a loss for them. Also, it is illegal to provide such information for free as per the Terms and Conditions of various third parties.

But it does not mean our free vehicle history check is not worth. You can get a lot of useful information and can get help in buying a used car. However, the fact is a fact; you have to pay for the detailed report.


The HPI check is crucial before buying a used vehicle, but you can get the same information from our premium check-in less than half of the price. So, order our cheapest HPI check to save your pounds and drive with peace of mind.