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Do you know your car missing in Motor Insurance Database (MID) can get you up to a £300 fine and 6 to 8 penalty grades on your license? Yes, it is true. In the UK, it is illegal to drive without a valid car insurance and tax policy. The same goes for untaxed vehicles; you may get banned from driving.
Not paying tax or driving without insurance is pretty risky, especially when there are thousands of ANPR cameras installed on roads. If caught, the police have the authority to seize or even destroy your vehicle. In worst cases, they may send you to court. So, better be careful!

There are two possibilities; either you are innocent and unaware or hoping you won’t get caught. In both cases, it is crucial to check if a car has insurance or not. Plus, you should check the tax status of a car to drive with peace of mind. So, keep reading this guide to learn how to know your car history and check vehicle insurance for free.

How to check if a car is insured by registration number plate?

The MID has made it very simple to check if a car has insurance or not. When you visit their website, they will ask you to enter your vehicle registration number. After entering, they will search their database and reveal car insurance details if there were any. Not clear enough? Don’t worry; just follow these steps to check vehicle insurance:

  • Visit the MID website.
  • Enter your vehicle registration number
  • Read and agree to their “Data Protection Declaration.”
  • Do the CAPTCHA and click “check this vehicle.”

There you go! They will reveal the concerned car insurance information.

As a reminder, the Motor Insurance Database will send you an Insurance Advisory Letter even if you willingly ignore this legal requirement. You can find affordable comprehensive car insurance with ROLLiN’ Insurance. It will give you peace of mind.

Can I also get vehicle tax details?

The Motor Insurance Database has only insurance records. They cannot show car tax status or tax expiry date because they don’t have a source for it. However, if you want to check vehicle tax details, the auto experts will reveal tax status, tax expiry date, and other vehicle-related information for free. See the image below.

Can I drive an uninsured car?

Yes and no.

Driving an insured car may subject you to severe penalties because it is illegal. According to Road Traffic Act 1988, every car on the UK roads must have insurance – even if it’s third-party insurance, you are on the right track. It won’t just protect you financially but also legally in the case of an accident. However, there are some conditions when you can drive without insurance. Let’s find out.

When can I drive without insurance and tax?

No doubt, car insurance is a legal requirement in the UK, but you have an exit door applicable in certain conditions. Here is when you don’t need car insurance:

  • If your car has been off the roads since before February 1998.
  • When there is a theft case, or your car has been exported or scrapped without your consent.
  • If the vehicle is registered as “in trade”,.
  • When you have registered your vehicle as SORN.

Uninsured car penalties are applicable even if your car has been parked or is not in use. But why pay insurance and tax for an unused car? That’s the reason the UK government have introduced Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) to help police identify unused vehicles.

The police search the MID records for a car insurance check. Therefore, without SORN, they can’t differentiate between an unused vehicle and an on-road vehicle. In other words, it is your official declaration to the government that you won’t drive this vehicle on UK roads. That way, the government won’t ask you for tax and insurance.

Although it is free to SORN a vehicle, you must oblige its conditions. Otherwise, you will be violating the law. When should you declare a car SORN? If you have a vehicle you no longer need, or it needs maintenance before taking it on the road, you should declare the car off-road to be on the right side of the law. It is only applicable when you agree on not driving the car anywhere. If you were caught driving SORN vehicle, you may lose your car possession or may get a huge fine.

Does car insurance transfers when it is sold?

If you have bought a used car and think that you won’t need to buy insurance because the previous owner may have insured it – you are mistaken. The car insurance cannot be transferred when the car is sold. You must get new insurance if you don’t want a fine. However, if you are testing or aren’t sure about the vehicle, there are some short-time insurance policies that will cover you for a short time.

Can I find with whom is my car insured?

If you have been switching your insurance companies or haven’t changed for years, you might have forgotten who is your current insurance provider. In any case, try the following ways to find out your car insurance company.

  • Look for old paperwork and see if you could find any recent dates or information about your car insurance.
  • Check your emails for any receipt or information regarding your new car insurance.
  • Take out your bank statement; it must have your car insurer’s name.
  • Request the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) to reveal your car insurer’s name.

Can I get a reminder or auto-renewal option for my car insurance and tax?

If you want askMID to send you a reminder to get car insurance, they don’t – Even though the UK government website for tax and MOT check send you a reminder by email. However, if you are worried about a renewal nudge for your annual or monthly car insurance policy, then relax. Your provider will tell you by email, or you can avail of hourly insurance based on your requirements.

What happens if I don’t renew my car insurance and tax?

The following consequences may result if you fail to renew your car insurance or fail to insure your vehicle:

  • In the case of a fixed penalty notice, you’re required to pay £100.
  • Your vehicle may be clamped, seized, or disposed of.
  • A court prosecution can result in a fine of up to £1000.

Is there a way to get cheaper car insurance and tax online?

Yes, it is possible if you compare car insurance policies. Insuring your car is no doubt a considerable expense, but it is a legal requirement. It is either you pay for insurance or more in fines. So, the best option is to compare insurance policies. Some insurance companies charge more without any reason. A little bit of research can save a lot of your hard-earned cash.


You can either SORN your vehicle or buy car insurance to drive on UK roads legally. Otherwise, you will face severe penalties that include fines and penalty points on your driving license. You can’t make an excuse for not knowing if you had insurance; it is not acceptable even if you are telling the truth. If you really aren’t aware, run a free MID check. For tax status, you can run a free DVLA car insurance check. To know tax details, MOT, and other useful vehicle-related information, try our vehicle check – it costs you nothing but your 2 minutes.

Answering your questions

What’s meant by Continuous Insurance Enforcement (CIE)?

Continuous Insurance Enforcement means that you must insure your car or else it must be declared as SORN. Otherwise, if caught uninsured, the driver will face a fine, 6 to 8 points on driving license, or may end up losing the car.

Is there any specific car insurance policy that allows you to drive others’ cars?

Yes, you get cover for driving others’ cars only if they have opted comprehensive car insurance policy. In the case of others like third-party, third-party fire and theft, you won’t have such cover. Therefore, make sure to check first before knowing on the roads.