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How to Check If There Is Outstanding Finance On a Car Before Buying?

How to Check If There Is Outstanding Finance On a Car Before Buying?

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Buying a used vehicle will have associated risks, and among those risks, the important one to consider is to avoid purchasing a car with outstanding finance. Although it is illegal to sell a vehicle on finance, it does not stop people from doing it, and therefore, 1 out of 3 of our checks show hidden vehicle history.

So, it has become crucial to know how to check if there is any outstanding finance on a used car before settling on a deal.

Owning a finance-pending vehicle is a serious problem because the car ownership belongs to the finance company and they may take the vehicle back from you if you don’t settle the finance yourself. So, it’s a clever idea to get an outstanding finance check to be safe from such frauds and to drive with peace of mind knowing that the car actually belongs to you.

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How Much Do I Have To Pay For An Outstanding Finance Check?

The auto experts offer a comprehensive report of a vehicle history which includes outstanding finance checks in just £8.95, which is the lowest price across all the UK. Moreover, we offer a data guarantee of £30,000 to our customers to provide the drive with peace of mind.

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What More Will You Get With An Outstanding Finance Check?

When buying a used car, there are a few more crucial aspects to consider before settling on a deal, such as knowing insurance write-off or scrapped cars, number of owners, plate changes, MOT, Mileage history, and vehicle valuation. Our comprehensive report includes all the above information with 5-bands vehicle valuation and more in just £8.95.

Insurance write-off or scrapped: When the car has reached its usefulness or had a severe accident, the insurance companies mark it as written-off or scrapped depending on its condition. The car gets a particular category that will define its state. As of now there are Cat A, B, S, N write-off categories in the UK.

The number of owners and plate change: People often change their plate number to hide significant faults of the car. In addition, you must check the number of previous owners of the car because a greater number of owners indicates that the car is not in the proper condition or it has a major hidden fault. But keep in mind, you cannot get the contact details of a car owner by its registration number plate either from our vehicle checks.

MOT and Mileage History: Knowing the MOT history of a car means informing yourself about the car’s condition. A car having scheduled MOT records suggest that it is in roadworthy condition and meets UK standards. And the mileage history shows you the total miles the car has covered. Some times the car owner will clock their odometer reading manually to sell it for more cash.

Vehicle Valuation: You must know the car’s actual value when you decide to buy it. The auto experts offer 5-bands valuation to help you assess your car’s worth in all UK markets. It enables you to get the attention of the buyers and save you from buying a low valued car at highest price and saves your pounds.

The used-vehicle market is full of fraudsters, and you can’t risk your hard-earned cash for saving just a few pounds. If you have found any finance tied to your vehicle after buying, you may lose your car and money along with your time. So, order our free vehicle check and ensure you don’t have buyers’ regret by buying like a pro.


Outstanding finance is the debts pending on a vehicle which has to settled by the current owner. Until the outstanding finance is paid off, the car belongs to the finance company. The person driving the vehicle on finance is called “vehicle’s keeper”, not the owner.

No car history provider offers it for free in the UK. If you find anyone claiming it is a fraud – stay away from it. Because we are charged for providing such detailed information, how can one offer it for free? Plus, it is illegal to provide this information for free.

Enter the registration number here, and we provide a comprehensive report of the bike history and will instantly alarm you if there is pending finance and any other adverse history on it.

Yes, our comprehensive report not just tell you about pending finance but also tell you the finance company name and contact. So, you can also confirm the pending finance with them.

Absolutely not! If you buy a vehicle with outstanding finance, you might lose the car and your hard-earned cash because it belongs to the finance company. Until the finance is settled, the car is considered stolen, and you may get yourself in trouble driving it.

Yes, selling a car with the outstanding finance is illegal in the UK because it’s the property of the finance company. Until the finance is settled, you can’t sell it. Still, you will find sellers involved in this illegal act.