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How to deal with the insurance company after a car accident

Insurance Company After a Car Accident

Managing a car accident claim would be much easier if you didn’t have to deal with the insurance companies.

Unfortunately, they are the ones who offer the settlement amount, so you can’t really avoid them.

The thing is – insurance companies make money by providing accident policies and coverage. 

Now, if they start offering a full settlement to each and every individual, how will they make a profit?

This is why accessing coverage and benefits from an insurance company is so difficult.

They hire expert insurance adjusters to look for loopholes in your case in order to lower the settlement amount. 

But there are some things you can do to strengthen your claim – like consult a car accident law firm. Being experts in the field, auto accident lawyers know how to deal with the insurance companies on your behalf.

Follow these tips when dealing with the insurance company after a car accident.

1. Start collecting evidence from the beginning

The biggest mistake people make when filing for a car accident claim is not collecting evidence. Remember – you need proof to make your case strong. 

If you are able to move after an accident, use your smartphone to take pictures of the accident scene. Capture pictures of the damaged car, the position of the car, injuries you have suffered, driving, and road conditions. 

You also need to document a copy of the police report as well as your medical file. If possible, talk to the witnesses at the accident scene and take their contact details. You can also hire an auto accident lawyer to collect documents on your behalf. 

2.Call your insurance company immediately

Talk to your insurance provider immediately after a car accident. Even if seriously injured, seek medical attention and promptly contact your insurer, as most policies require a signed proof of loss within a specific timeframe. 

Before calling your agent, understand your coverage by reviewing insurance documents, focusing on the ‘Coverage’ and ‘Exclusion’ sections. Be transparent when providing your statement; any omission may impact your coverage or invalidate your policy. 

3.Don’t mention that you are at fault

If you’re at fault for an accident, you could be responsible for the resulting damages. Be careful with what you say to the insurer, as anything sounding like an admission of fault might hurt your chances of getting a settlement.

In simple terms, avoid admitting wrongdoing or giving too many details about the crash when talking to the insurance company. They’re skilled at getting you to say things that could make it seem like you’re to blame. It is best to hire an auto accident lawyer to handle all the communication. 

4. Don’t give any recorded statements

If the insurance company reaches out, claiming they want to clarify the accident details, be cautious. They might request a recorded statement to document what happened. In most situations, it’s a trap to catch you saying something that could harm your compensation claim.

Remember, you’re not legally required to give a recorded statement, no matter what the insurer says. You can confidently say that your auto accident lawyer will handle sharing the accident details on your behalf. It’s your right to protect yourself during this process.

5. Keep track of all the expenses involved 

A car accident can bring unexpected expenses. Make sure to keep a record of all related costs, starting from the accident until you get your settlement from either your insurance or the other driver’s insurance. 

This includes:

6.Dealing with your insurance claim

Keep track of any costs for things like alternate transportation and services, such as getting an independent estimate of damages.

7.Recovering from your injuries

Besides obvious medical expenses, note any other costs. If family members have to travel to take care of you, keep track of their expenses, too.

Consider keeping a log of expenses in a notebook and save all receipts. This way, you can make notes and ensure you don’t forget anything important.

8.Be wary of quick settlements

Watch out for speedy settlement offers from insurers, often within a day or two of the accident. While it might seem like a win, be cautious—these offers could be lower than what you deserve. Insurers want you to agree to less before you realize the full extent of what you’re owed.

Once you accept the settlement, you might end up covering extra expenses for your accident and injuries from your own pocket. That’s why it’s a smart move to have your auto accident lawyer review any insurance settlement offer you get. 


Dealing with insurance companies after a car accident can be tough. If you feel you’re not getting fair treatment or suspect the other driver was at fault, hire an auto accident lawyer. They are aware of the tricks insurance companies use and have effective strategies to maximize your claim.