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Introducing the smart #3: Revolutionizing the EV Space

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Jump on a journey into the future with the discover of the smart #3, a revolutionary addition to the electric vehicle (EV) landscape. Famous for their compact city cars, smart Automobile is now expanding its horizons with the smart #3, offering a new dimension of versatility and innovation.

Inside the smart #3: A blend of luxury and technology

The smart #3 redefines electric vehicles, merging sophisticated style with practical functionality. If you have an opportunity to enter its cabin, you’re welcomed into a world where luxury meets the latest in technology. With a generous interior space, a stark contrast to its compact predecessors, the smart #3 is designed to enhance comfort for all your journeys, from city drives to highway adventures.

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Equipped with a 12.3-inch infotainment system and a high-quality 13-speaker Beats audio setup, it’s a haven for tech enthusiasts. This state-of-the-art system integrates flawlessly with your everyday tech needs, from navigating with Google Maps to streaming tunes and staying in touch, all through an intuitive touchscreen interface.

Performance and power: The smart #3’s Motor and Battery

The smart #3’s performance is as remarkable as its design. It comes with sophisticated electric motors, offering an exceptionally smooth and silent ride. There are two versions available at the moment: a 268 hp model and a high-performance 422 hp Brabus variant, both offering agile and responsive driving experiences perfect for city life.

The vehicle’s cutting-edge 66 kWh nickel-cobalt-manganese battery sets a new standard in the EV market. It addresses range concerns with ease, making longer trips a comfortable reality. Its eco-friendly design and fast-charging capability add to its appeal, especially for UK drivers looking for efficiency, sustainability and convenience.

Availability of the new smart #3

The excitement around the smart #3 is tangible, and we’re excited to confirm that this state-of-the-art EV will soon be glorify the streets of the UK. Current anouncment for a release are in early 2024.

Pricing in the UK

smart Automobile UK is dedicated to offering unparalleled value with the previous model of smart #1 and step ahead with the new one #3. With competitive pricing, this spacious and versatile EV is within reach for a wide range of buyers. Initial indications suggest a starting price of £32,950, but we advise staying tuned for the official UK pricing, which is sure to be as compelling as the vehicle itself.