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A mileage history check is vital when planning to buy a used car or run a vehicle check. Only with the mileage history can you evaluate the condition of the car handled by its previous owner in the past. Use the cost per mile calculator to understand the financial aspects of having the vehicle. Input the required data such as the fuel cost, car value, and miles per gallon, and get to know how much it will cost you to operate the vehicle per mile.

It also helps whether you need to change or repair the vehicle components. Let’s explore more about mileage anomalies, odometer clocking, and mileage history.

Enter any UK vehicle registration number to check if mileage discrepancies exist. Free and easy report to help you find out about vehicle mileage issues.

What is a mileage check?

A mileage check refers to verifying and recording the total distance traveled by a vehicle. It is commonly used to assess the usage and condition of a vehicle, particularly when buying or selling a used car.

During a mileage check, the odometer reading is examined to determine the miles or kilometres the vehicle has traveled. The odometer is a device located on the dashboard of a car that displays the accumulated distance traveled. It indicates the vehicle’s wear and tear and can influence its market value.

What is good mileage for a used car?

The ideal mileage count for a used car can vary depending on several factors, including the make and model of the vehicle, its age, maintenance history, and overall condition. However, as a general guideline, a used car with an average annual mileage of 12,000 to 15,000 miles is considered within the normal range.

It’s important to remember that mileage alone is not the only factor to consider when evaluating a used car. The vehicle’s overall condition and maintenance history and any previous accidents or repairs are equally important. A well-maintained car with higher mileage can be better than a neglected vehicle with lower mileage.

How is mileage history recorded?

MOT testing is the most prevalent source of mileage history holds the record of every single vehicle’s mileage log at testing time. Do you know the car’s odometer reading? Then compare this MOT mileage with this odometer showing an actual reading. If something is a mismatch, get ready to see the next car.

In 2021, almost 2.5 million vehicles’ mileage was reported to have a discrepancy, i.e., odometer reading and MOT mileage mismatching. A premium vehicle check from us will reveal if a car has any mileage-related issues and more only at £9.99.

What is mileage clocking?

Clocking is illegal; Some sellers and dealers may alter the mileage to make the vehicle appear more valued and less used. This is referred to as “clocking.”

A mileage history check online from The Auto Experts will highlight any illegal activity on a car. It will highlight more details, such as the vehicle’s estimated mileage during the last MOT test and its actual mileage. If you find a discrepancy, it is better to walk away because the seller may perform other things like scrapping and more.

How to check if a vehicle is clocked?

Check the mileage history of any UK vehicle and assist in the identification of clocked vehicles. Purchasing a vehicle that has been clocked may result in you paying more than the vehicle is worth.

If mileage disparities are discovered in the future, you may have difficulty selling your vehicle.

What is mileage anomaly?

The odometer of a vehicle that has abnormal mileage or has been clocked shows incorrect mileage. This means that the seller or the dealer has recovered the mileage using a unique software program. Although it is illegal to sell vehicles with mileage differences, some sellers still tamper with the odometer to deceive car buyers.

Some of the mileage may have been mistakenly recorded. That is not a sign of Clocking, even though it is a serious concern.

We cross-check our mileage reports from various trusted sources with the data we see. If something mismatches, then this is known as a mileage anomaly.

Why is it important to do a mileage anomaly check before you buy?

Initially, when the car has been purchased, the odometer readings are entered by law, and over time, a long list of the mileage is updated in line with the website. A comparative analysis can be done to cross-check the values. And at times, the odometer mileage of the car doesn’t match with the Driver and Vehicle licensing agency (DVLA). This is mainly because of illegal practices like Clocking.

Make a note of the vehicle’s mileage when you go for any test drive so you can cross-check to know the hidden mileage issues with the car.

What is included in our mileage checks?

Simply enter the registration number of the vehicle into our website, and we will supply you with the official mileage record. With our vehicle mileage check service, you may avoid buying a clocked car and make an informed decision.

All of our vehicle inspection reports include the following information:

1) The mileage history of the vehicle

2) Errors in mileage readings are indicated via warnings.

3) If odometer readings have decreased, we indicate how much and over what time.

Is clocking illegal, and how can it be avoided?

Yes, it is illegal to sell any mileage-clocked car knowingly. Clocking can be avoided, and there are many steps buyers can take to ensure that clocked car scams do not deceive them.

So, looking for the mileage anomaly check is essential before buying any used car.

Ever wondered how many vehicles have mileage issues in the UK?

On average testing of vehicles, studies have reported every 7 out of 12 cars have mileage discrepancies.

So, with the average car population, it is estimated more than 2.5 million cars have yet to be monitored for the history of mileage and hence hold issues.

To know how well a car is maintained, it is essential to learn the vehicle’s history from the previous owners and avoid scams from dishonest sellers.

Can I get a mileage check for free?

Yes, our car history report analyzes the vehicle’s estimated mileage during its MOT. But what if the car owner still needs to execute an MOT?

Sometimes, the last MOT was 364 days ago, resulting in a misleading reading. Additionally, if the owner hasn’t MOT’d the vehicle for a few years, the last recorded mileage will be inaccurate. The problem is non-recorded mileage. Moreover, a mileage check shows the recently updated record, not the detailed mileage checklist.


With the Auto Experts, sit back and relax without worrying about your vehicle being clocked or MOT not being updated.

Our services provide the best all-in-one solution for all your mileage history records and expose if the car has been scrapped, insurance written off, stolen recorded or has outstanding finance on it.

Answering your questions

What is the best way to verify mileage?

Several methods help to verify your car mileage, like Vehicle history check, Service and maintenance records, MOT history, V5C registration document, Previous ownership and documentation, and Professional inspection.

How do insurance companies check mileage? 

Insurance companies typically check mileage through various methods to accurately assess the risk and premium associated with a particular policy like Self-declaration, Mileage declaration form, Vehicle documentation, Telematics or black box devices and Odometer readings.

Can I check car mileage online?

The Auto Experts website provides a free service where you can check the MOT history of a vehicle online. By entering the vehicle’s registration number and make, you can access information about previous MOT tests, including recorded mileage at each test.

Can I buy a used car only with a mileage history report?

No, If you are serious about purchasing a used car, you must do the necessary research and buy a complete car history report. Important to note, vehicle registrations can be copied/cloned, you need to check the actual vehicle.

What is the best way to check the genuine mileage of my car for free?

You can get free mileage through the Gov UK website, but it has specific limitations. Information was generated during the last MOT test. Next, you can take a free mileage check from The Auto Experts.

Which method is best for determining the mileage of a used car?

Take a mileage check on a used car to determine its mileage. It will reveal the Date, Mileage Recorded (MOT), and the number of Miles Covered each year.