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Car Check Ireland is essential for a reliable car purchase. Conducting a vehicle check in Ireland provides valuable information on car history, tax status, and ownership. Discover the importance of car checks in Ireland for a worry-free buying experience.

Car Check Ireland allows you to access vital information about a vehicle’s history, tax status, and ownership details. Conducting a car check ensures a reliable and informed car purchase in Ireland.

Whether buying a used Irish or UK car, knowing its history is crucial. You can get a good deal if the Vehicle is imported from Ireland. So, getting an Ireland car reg to check availability with us is essential. But there are some commonly asked questions about Irish license plate checks. We have tried to answer most of them. So, keep reading the article.

Vehicle check prices in Ireland

The Irish number plate check is costly compared to The Auto Experts vehicle check. The provided information is almost identical in both Checks.

Generally, Ireland’s vehicle costs are likewise among the highest in Europe. Ireland car reg check costs £25 – £35. However, if you want to check the car history with us, it’s available for just £9.99.

Are UK used cars cheaper than Ireland?

In the UK, used cars have a significant market. Thus, the chances are more of getting a good deal on used cars in the UK, but it’s Sporadic now. The price difference between the UK and Ireland won’t remain the same due to Brexit. 

The imported car prices have increased by 23% in the UK. Moreover, it may also include a 10% import duty. If you want to get the best deal, the prices are still more likely to be exact in both countries.

Is a UK MOT acceptable in Ireland?

Sadly, not after the separation of the United Kingdom from the European Union (EU). The MOT was valid when the UK lied in the EU. Therefore, those four years or older will require National Car Test (NCT), not an MOT test.

What are the common checks performed in the UK and Ireland?

The used car market is full of fraudsters waiting to get double profits. Therefore, it’s vital to always do your due diligence before proceeding with the deal. Be sure to check the following details:

  • Check if the Vehicle has a written-off category.
  • Know about car history and the number of previous owners.
  • Inspect the tires, wheel arches, oil, seatbelts and Car service for severe wear and tear spots. Ask for an explanation for more wear and tear marks. Walking away is best in such cases, as the car indicates a rough use.
  • Double-check the paperwork and scan them for any loopholes.
  • Make sure the odometer reading is genuine.

Difference b/w UK and Irish Car history report

The UK car check and the Irish license plate check are the same except for one piece of information. In The Auto Experts full history check, you get the following:

  • MOT and tax status
  • Outstanding finance check
  • Theft status 
  • Number of previous owners
  • Car’s make and model
  • Genuine car mileage
  • Annual running cost
  • Vehicle’s economic and environmental details

And other basic vehicle details

On the other hand, the Northern Ireland number plate check provides the following information:

  • National Car Test (NCT) 
  • Outstanding finance check

And all other information is the same as the UK car history check.

At The Auto Experts, we provide everything required to buy like a pro. In addition, you will know if the Vehicle has ever been registered in the N.Ireland. All we need is the car’s registration number.

Find the owner of a vehicle by its license plate in Ireland:

All vehicles in Ireland must be registered with the National Vehicle File database, and these checks allow you to access that database and view the information it contains. All you need to get started is the license plate of your car and a valid reference number. A car history or reg check will undoubtedly point you in the right direction.

How do I check if my car is taxed in Northern Ireland?

To check if your car is taxed in Northern Ireland, you can use the following methods:

Car Inspection Ireland: Contact a certified vehicle inspection center in Northern Ireland to verify the tax status of your car.

Car History Check Ireland: Use online services like The Auto Experts or Car Analytics. i.e. to conduct a comprehensive car history check with tax information.

Car Tax Check Ireland: Visit the official website of the Driver & Vehicle Agency (DVA) in Northern Ireland and use their online vehicle tax checker.

Car Registration Check Ireland: Utilize the DVA’s online vehicle registration check service to determine the tax status of your car.

Car Check Northern Ireland: You can also try using the aforementioned online services or contact the DVA directly to inquire about the tax status of your vehicle.

Standard Checks Before You Buy an Irish/UK Car: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you looking for a new car, preferably an Irish or UK model? Buying a car is a big decision, so you must be sure you’re making the best decision possible. It would help if you carried out several vital checks before purchasing to ensure you’re acquiring a dependable, secure vehicle that suits your needs. This article reviews the crucial inspections before purchasing an Ireland or UK car.

Although purchasing a car can be exciting, keeping your senses clear is essential. To avoid potential future pitfalls, it is crucial to conduct thorough research. These inspections are necessary to guarantee the car’s general condition, legality, and worth if you’re buying from a dealership or a private seller.

Check the vehicle’s history

Getting a thorough history report before deciding to buy a car is essential. Important details such as prior accidents, ownership history, mileage inconsistencies, and much more will be made known in this report. This stage aids in identifying any warning signs that might point to possible issues.

Inspect the exterior

Look closely at the car’s exterior for any indications of rust, dents, scratches, or paint defects. These can provide information about the vehicle’s maintenance history and whether or not it has sustained any substantial damage over time.

Examine the interior

The interior of a car might reveal essential details about its general condition. Examine the seats, dashboard, steering wheel, and pedals for signs of wear and tear. Check the effectiveness of other crucial features including air conditioning, entertainment systems, and seat adjustments.

Review the documentation

Make sure that the required paperwork is in order. This comprises the car’s license plates, taxes, and insurance certificates. Check to see if the vehicle identifying number (VIN) corresponds to the data on the papers.

Assess the vehicle’s performance

Examine the car’s performance requirements and match them to your requirements. Think about things like handling, fuel economy, and engine power. Make sure the vehicle’s capabilities fit your needs.

Check for signs of accident damage

Check the vehicle for any evidence of prior damage or repairs. The car may have had extensive maintenance if there are uneven gaps between body pieces, paint that needs to be the right colour or misaligned parts.

Verify ownership and identity

Make sure the person selling the car privately is the rightful owner before you buy. Request identification, then check the details against the documentation. This action avoids potential problems with stolen car.

Evaluate maintenance and service records

A well-kept vehicle is more dependable. Request the maintenance and servicing documents to determine how well the car has been handled. Regular maintenance shows the previous owner cared about maintaining the vehicle’s condition.

Benefits for Ireland & UK Buyers

Fraud prevention

In Ireland and the UK, where used car sales are anticipated, fraud is an issue. A free vehicle history report enables purchasers to spot potential fraud and steer clear of vehicles unlawfully modified or stolen.

Negotiation tool

With a thorough history record, buyers can confidently haggle with vendors. Any hidden issues that the report identifies can be used to bargain for a cheaper price or even to cancel a transaction.

Answering your questions

How do I check my car history in Northern Ireland?

You can ask for the MOT History (past results) for vehicles tested in Northern Ireland by emailing the driver; vehicle agency (DVA) customer services.

How can I check my car history for free in Ireland?

Numerous car check websites offer free car checks based on a simple vehicle identity check so that users can observe the fundamentals of the vehicle. A motor check.i.e. While making a purchase, consumers can verify that the registration number they entered corresponds to the vehicle they are interested in.