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Car Check Ireland – What Should you know?

Whether buying a used Irish or UK car, it’s crucial to know its history. If the vehicle is an import from Ireland, you can get a good deal on it. So, it’s essential to get an Ireland car reg check available with us. But there are some commonly asked questions about the Irish license plate checks. We have tried to answer most of them. So, keep reading the article.


Vehicle Check Prices in Ireland

The Irish number plate check is costly compared to The Auto Experts vehicle check. The provided information is almost identical in both checks.
Generally, Ireland’s vehicle costs are likewise among the highest in Europe. Ireland car reg check costs £25 – £35. However, if you want to check the car history with us, it’s available for just £9.99.

Are UK Used cars cheaper than Ireland?

In the UK, used cars have a significant market. Thus, the chances are more of getting a good deal on used cars in the UK, but it’s very rare now. The price difference between UK and Ireland won’t remain the same due to Brexit. It has put VAT on GB used car imports from Ireland.

The imported car prices have increased by 23% in the UK. Moreover, it may also include the 10% import duty. So, the prices are more likely to be exact in both countries still, if you want to get the best deal. 


Is a UK MOT Acceptable in Ireland?

Sadly, not after the separation of the United Kingdom from the European Union (EU). The MOT was valid when the UK lied in the EU. But not anymore. For that reason, four years or older imported vehicles will require National Car Test (NCT), not an MOT test.

What are the Common Checks Performed in the UK and Ireland?

The used car market is full of fraudsters waiting to get double profits. Therefore, it’s vital to always do your due diligence before proceeding with the deal. Be sure to check the following details:

  • Check if the vehicle has a written-off category.
  • Know about car history and the number of previous owners.
  • Inspect the tyres, wheel arches, oil, and seatbelts for severe wear and tear spots. Ask for an explanation for more wear and tear marks. In such cases, it’s best to walk away as the car indicates a rough use.
  • Double-check the paperwork and scan them for any loopholes.
  • Make sure the odometer reading is genuine.

Difference B/w UK and Irish Car History Report

The UK car check and the Irish license plate check are the same except for one piece of information. In The Auto Experts full history check, you get:

  • MOT and tax status
  • Outstanding finance check
  • Theft status 
  • Number of previous owners
  • Car’s make and model
  • Genuine car mileage
  • Annual running cost
  • Vehicle’s economic and environmental details

And other basic vehicle details

On the other hand, the Northern Ireland number plate check provides the following information:

  • National Car Test (NCT) 
  • Outstanding finance check

And all other information is the same as the UK car history check.

At The Auto Experts, we provide all information required to buy like a pro. In addition, you will know if the vehicle has ever been registered in the N.Ireland. All we need is the car’s registration number.


1. How do I check my car history Northern Ireland?

You can ask for the MOT History (past results) for vehicles tested in Northern Ireland by emailing the driver; vehicle agency (DVA) customer services.

2.How can I check my car history for free in Ireland?

Free car checks provided by many car check websites that are based on a basic identity check of a vehicle so that customers can view basic vehicle details. A user can check that the registration number they entered matches the vehicle they are interested in before they purchase.