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Sell your car for the best price- tips and advice

Sell your car for the best price

If you are here on this page, then beyond any shadow of a doubt, you are certainly going to sell your used car and keenly looking for tips to sell it for the highest possible price. Thank us later because this article is everything that you need to maximise your ROI on the car.

Moreover, there are also some points to keep in mind that ensures you the best price possible.

Tips to get the best and higher price

  • Know the value of your car. Never undersell.
  • Gather all the documents.
  • Advertise well.
  • Transparency is the key.
  • Handover the car after you receive the payment.
  • Get all the required paperwork done.
  • Report the DVLA.

Know the value of your car: never undersell

To get the right price for your car, you must know how much it is worth. The exact value of your car will depend upon its age, mileage, overall external and internal condition, service history and much more. But the vital factor that affects the value of your car is the market price. Check ads for similar models online and then set the right price for the car.

Gather all the documents

Having the printed records of all your important documents is crucial. Getting an MOT done recently will be perfect as you will be confident that your car is 100% in the best state, hence able to fix the right price. Car’s V5C registration document, MOT certificates, manual, service book, invoices, and maintenance bills are some of the mandatory documents to show your buyer. Also, remember to keep all the car keys handy.

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Transparency is the key

Your buyer may have multiple questions in their mind. Be ready to face them and answer with honesty.

Select a suitable selling route

There are various paths one can choose to sell their car. The top ways among them are:

  • Part Exchanging
  • Online Part Exchanges
  • Selling via dealer
  • Classified ads
  • Auction
  • Online car selling sites

If you want to avoid frequent visits from buyers at your home or do not want to go about explaining your car’s features and paperwork over and over again, then you can opt to sell your car to dealers online such as the Motorway. We have explained how Motorway can help you get the best car deals right at your doorstep and also why it is the best way to sell your used vehicle online safely. They offer free car valuation and help you speed up the daunting process of car selling.

Handover the car after you receive the payment

Always hand over the car after you have got the payment. This holds for both private buyers and car dealers. Accept money through bank transfer or cash only. If they opt for digital transfers, then ask for fund transfer proofs. You should not accept cheques, bankers draft and IOUs. It is always best to avoid overseas buyers as there are a lot of scams reported from such buyers.

Report the DVLA

Complete your sale by providing them with all the paperwork such as a written receipt. Make sure to complete your V5C logbook and send them back to DVLA. You can do this process online as well. This way you inform DVLA that your old car has a new owner.

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