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Get Cheapest Short-Term Car Insurance Quotes From Leading Insurance Providers

Do you need a cover for a short time to help you drive a friend’s car? Instead of paying for an annual insurance policy, you can get temporary car insurance to cover you for some hours or days.

Even if it’s for an hour, you can’t drive without insurance; it’s illegal. So, temporary insurance is a viable option for you only and if you use it right. Read the blog to the last line to understand if temporary insurance fits your needs.

What is Short Term Car Insurance?

Short-term or temporary car insurance is a short time insurance solution. When you borrow a car for an hour or two, you can’t get a yearly insurance policy for just using it for an hour. So, you cover it temporarily or until you are using the car.

Unlike the yearly insurance policy, it takes minutes to get a short-term insurance, like visiting the mall. Also, this insurance policy is best when you need to borrow a car and you are not covered with any existing insurance policy.

The good news is that this insurance policy doesn’t affect the owner’s existing policy and no-claims bonus. Permission is all that you need from the car’s owner to get on the road legally.

When Should You Get Temporary Car Insurance Quotes?

  • Temporary insurance cost: is indeed relatively cheap but is it worth getting it? Let’s see when it’s best to choose it.
  • New car: When you have just bought a car, get a cover for an hour or two until getting a long-term solution.
  • Drive sharing: When you are on a trip with friends, you can get a short-term insurance cover that allows you to get in the driver’s seat.
  • Repairing your car: Until your car is repaired, you can get in your friend’s car without worrying about the insurance.
  • If there’s an emergency: When a family member or friend cannot drive, you can get a cover in minutes to help them out.
  • Moving household items: Temporary insurance will offer cover when you drive your friend’s van to move large household items.
  • Borrowing parent’s car: Get instant cover when going out in your parent’s car.
  • Test drive: Even if you are testing a vehicle, you must get a cover, and there is no better option than short-term insurance to test an unfamiliar car.
  • Business trips: It’s best to get a short-term business cover when using your personal vehicle for business use.
  • Test drive: Even if you are testing a vehicle, you must get a cover, and there is no better option than short-term insurance to test an unfamiliar car.
  • Car enthusiasts: If your friend is willing to borrow your supercar, get a short-term insurance policy to enjoy the ride.

What does Temporary Insurance Offer?

You can go for temporary insurance when you know what it offers. So, see the coverage and decide for yourself if it’s a viable alternative for you.

  • Cover within minutes of buying.
  • Comprehensive cover, same as for the standard policies.
  • Cover for one hour up to 83 days (depends on insurance providers)
  • Booking option for cover up to 83 days.
  • Easy and small contracts.
  • Zero risks to car owners existing policies and no-claims bonus.

What are the Exclusions in Short Term Car Insurance?

Short-term insurance is indeed a viable option, but few things won’t be covered.

There is no hard and fast rule; the insurance policies differ in providing cover. The main point is checking out the policy documents to know what’s excluded from their policy.

Generally, the following are the exclusions in most short-term insurance policies.

  • Any sort of damage and theft of the vehicle because the keys were left in the ignition.
  • When a person other than the insurance owner is driving the car, there is no cover for damages and losses.
  • When using the vehicle for purposes, insurance providers didn’t allow it. For example, business use.
  • When you are driving a car without a proper licence. For example, a car when you have a bike licence.

When Should You Avoid Temporary Car Insurance Quotes?

Hired or rented vehicles – Short-term insurance doesn’t cover you when driving a leased or rented vehicle. You must get the hire car insurance for it. But some insurance providers offer it so, remember to check it before trying it out!

Taxi  If you use the vehicle to earn money, the temporary car insurance doesn’t cover you. For that, you must get taxi insurance or van insurance. 

What are the Requirements to Get a Quote?

The vehicle owner’s permission is all you need to get a quote for short-term insurance. But following things are handy to get the process a bit faster.

  • Your name and address
  • Details of the car
  • Your driving history
  • Your licence
  • Schedule for start and end of the cover.