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Top 10 tips for getting the best deals on luxury car rentals

Renting luxury cars in Dubai helps make your trips and tours more exciting. The city is busy with tourism all year. When on a vacation, renting top luxury cars helps add more fun and convenience. Also, Porsche rental in Dubai, Ferrari hire, Lamborghini rental, Rolls Royce hire, Mercedes Maybach rental, and all others are available readily in the city as well.

Also, the top exotic cars will cost highly when renting as well. However, there are plenty of ways to get the best deals. Tourists will need to show their home country’s valid driving license and also a valid UAE visa with a Dubai airport entry stamp. We have some of the best tips to help you get the best luxury car hire deals. Read through to find out more:

Visit Dubai during summer

Dubai is the tourism capital of the world. Also, during the peak season from October to March, the prices of everything are so high. Including car rentals, you will have to pay premium prices for just about every luxury in the city. Even flight tickets and hotel bookings are more expensive during the winter months.

Summer months are much quieter for tourism. Practically, there is no tourism during the summer months. This is when you can enjoy more than half-price discounts on luxury cars. However, you will have to deal with the soaring heat. So, select the right time to visit Dubai.

Book your luxury car in advance

Another great way to enjoy cheaper car rental prices is to book your car in advance. Booking your preferred luxury car in advance has many benefits to it. The biggest benefit is that you will almost always get better prices. Last-minute car rentals can get expensive.

Also, early bookings will guarantee availability no matter how busy the city gets. Additionally, you will also be able to get your first preference luxury car. It is always a good idea to make your bookings early.

Rent a couple of years of older models

Renting the latest brand-new models of luxury cars can be very expensive. One thing you can do to get much better prices is to rent a couple of years older models. So, if you want a particular Porsche for rent in Dubai, rent a couple of years older model for cheaper prices.

Car rental businesses buy most of their cars on lease agreements. So, when new, they will be paying the cars off. After a couple of years, that lease agreement is usually settled. This puts rental companies at ease and provides them the option to offer much cheaper rental prices.

Know which luxury cars are cheaper to rent

Some luxury car brands and models will always be cheaper to rent than others. Cadillac cars are usually much cheaper to rent than a Rolls Royce or a Mercedes. The reason for this is the cheaper price tags. However, most of these top cars offer comparable luxury features.

It is important to know which luxury car brands will cost less to rent. Especially, when you are on a business trip, brands and models can often be sacrificed.

Use promo codes and coupons where available

Many car rental companies would often advertise with promo codes and coupons. If you can find any, make sure to save them. Promo codes will often be useful for residents in the city. Renting a car for your business can also use promo codes and coupons very efficiently.

However, most promo codes and coupons will often have expiry dates. Keep those in mind and use the codes before they run out. It will save you money.

Look out for mileage limits and follow them

Car rental companies in Dubai often impose mileage limits on their cars. Also, many clients don’t often bother about the mileage limits. Many will not know the mileage limit altogether. When returning the rental luxury car, the mileage limit exceeding charges will be added to your bill.

These are often adjusted with your advance deposit payment. However, it is advised to always follow the mileage limits and keep within them. Also, mileage limits may vary. 250-300 miles is often the spot. Find a rental company with an extended mileage limit when required.

Do not go for car rental contract extension

Often, tourists decide to stay in Dubai for longer. Also, you may decide to keep the luxury car rental for more days than intended in your rental contract. However, this adds great costs to your final invoice. When you go for contract extensions, the added days may not be charged according to the original rate.

It is always best to return the car at the contract expiration. Even if you need to have a car for more days, get a new contract from the same company or a new rental company.

Search online for the best deals and offers

When searching online, you have many options to choose from. VIP Rent a Car is one of the best service providers in Dubai. However, almost all modern car rental companies will have some kind of online presence. Go online and search for the best deals.

Finding the best deals is often bound to the amount of research you put into it. You may be able to rent the top luxury cars at much cheaper prices online as well.

Be ready to settle for the second choice car

Often, people have car preferences. Luxury exotic cars like Ferraris, Porsches, Lamborghinis, and others have their followers. However, the first-choice car may cost much due to unavailability or any other reason. You should always be ready to settle on the first choice.

Give your car rental company a couple of options when calling. This will reduce the price and put you in the driving seat of pricing negotiations.

Keep in mind the hidden costs

There might be some hidden costs that many people will not know about. Traffic violations, toll charges, and many others might be the unknowns. Also, record a short video of your rental car as it arrives and take close-up pictures of any dents, paint chips, and other signs of damage.

These hidden costs will be adjusted from your advance deposit if incurred. It is best to avoid these. But, you can do that best when you know about the hidden costs.