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Important Steps to Check While Buying a Used Van In The UK

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The possible chances of buying a used van are when you need it for work, a family van for travelling, or some business. Hence, you look for a van with reliable and issue-free. It means the van with zero adverse histories!

Consider purchasing a used van only after checking its full vehicle history, especially if it has been stolen or severely damaged. It is not only for vans, but you should also be concerned about other commercial vehicles like bikes and cars. It seems good to deal in the showroom, but you never know which vehicle has the real issues. Never buy a used van which is not worth your money.

This article tries to cover the importance of van vehicle checks and the key aspects you should give great attention to while buying the van.

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Key points to remember when you look out for a van history check

Never consider buying a pick-up vehicle or van with a warning alert for finance or theft.

In either scenario, the van will not be the seller’s property, and you will ultimately lose both the van and your money. If you have reason to believe that the car has been stolen, or you know it has, you are handling stolen goods.

The finance supplier legally owns the vehicle if the seller owes money on it, and the seller is not permitted to sell the van without settling any outstanding debt . If you purchase a van with outstanding finance, you face the risk of having the vehicle recovered and losing both the van and your money if the seller falls back on the payments or vanishes.

Can you check my van, pickup, or other vehicle’s history?

This is one of our frequently asked questions, and the answer is a big -YES. At The Auto Experts, we regularly check thousands of different UK vehicles. No matter what kind of vehicle it is—a tractor, lorry, van, bike, or car—we can check any UK registration number.

There are some exclusions; for instance, we are unable to check the vehicle’s history if it is an import and does not currently have UK number plates. But in 99.9% of cases, we certainly can!  Try us out instantly; we offer some basic information for free, and for complete peace of mind, a Premium van check costs only £9.99 (inc. VAT).

 The reason behind the van history check

You need to be alert when the seller/dealer intentionally keeps the vehicle at a high cost; better prepare with the checklist of “Must ask” questions. If you’re not satisfied, better run a van history check online and clear doubts before investing your money.

Van check is required to know the vehicle make, model, and registration are the same as the document shown to you. Although you can find these details online for free from, it isn’t covered fully.

Better pay and get. The Auto Experts offers the check for all kinds of UK-registered vehicles, including vans, bikes, and cars, at £9.99.

Do commercial vehicles have a hidden history?

The fact says the market has commercial vehicles with at least 20% of the hidden history. It includes the pre-owned cars that might actually result in severe damage or might have a discrepancy in the mileage history. And, the rise of van theft is identified often.

Secondly, a van with outstanding finance comes to the market by masking its identity, and most of the vans are commercial.

It means the market has seen thousands of commercial vehicles driving under a false identity. It includes altering the number plate and certain illegal activities.

Is the van or vehicle legally belonging to you after buying?

  • You pay for the van but can’t enjoy the ownership- when you find the van has outstanding finance in it. Let’s put it this way; if you buy a van on finance, it belongs to the finance company until you settle its finance,right? But in the middle of settling the finance, some dishonest people sell the van and make the buyer responsible for its finance.
  • You pay for the van, but it owns by someone- when you find the van you purchased is previously stolen. Chances are high where buyers end up in such vehicles, and they have to return the car to the respective owner or police. If it case, you don’t know the “stolen” story, the police can seize the van from you.

The Auto Experts protect you from scams.

The Auto Experts reports will help you to protect against these risks. Better don’t mind about the price while investing big. It provides the 50+ data checkpoints to ensure you’re making the right deal.

Like the car check, you can find the same details in the two packages- free and full check.

  • Outstanding finance
  • Stolen
  • Insurance write-off- Cat A, B, S, N
  • Number plate or colour change
  • Highest previous owner count
  • Mileage issues
  • Vehicle descriptions
  • MOT history
  • Tax status

All the factors mentioned above are essential to check prior to buying. Run a vehicle check, and it just takes your van’s VRM.


What mileage is too high for a diesel van?

To be clear, keep away from diesel cars having more than 100,000 miles on them. Ignore them, please. Really. They’ll cost your money, fortune, time and hassle.

Is there a shortage of vans UK?

Raw materials like rubber and aluminium, also necessary to make vehicles, have been impacted by supply problems and rising material costs. This has led to many manufacturers suspending the sale of new vans, with many unable to fulfil deliveries until at least 2023.