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Essential things to remember when looking out for a van history check

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Do you know you may end up losing thousands of pounds and, in some cases, even the vehicle if you weren’t careful enough buying a used one? Yes, that’s how it is when the vehicle has any adverse history like having outstanding finance, previously stolen record, written-off, etc.

Most sellers won’t be honest and will try to sell a worthless vehicle with unwanted surprises, which is most common in van sellers. So, what to check when buying a used van? Following are several things to check in which some are totally free. Let’s delve in and know all of them in detail.

Find out if the van has up to data MOT history?

A clean MOT history is crucial no matter what it is, bikes, cars, or vans, it’s helpful, and it has its perks; An MOT test history will inform you of any faulty parts, will show advisories, and tell you van’s mileage. Also, it helps you know the van’s condition and save you from frauds like clocking. And you know an up-to-date MOT certificate is a legal requirement for any vehicle in the UK, and if the van you are buying is missing one, you will need to shoulder that cost yourself.

Therefore, the UK government has made it easy to check any vehicle’s MOT history and tax status free of cost using its registration number.

Moreover, several other vehicle history providers like HPI offer an MOT test history and some extra information such as make, model, tax status, etc. So, make sure you run a check for MOT history before buying the vehicle.

Is the van being road worthy to buy?

Do you know if the van you buy has a category A or B, you won’t be able to drive it on the UK roads? When the vehicle gets an accident, the insurance companies assign a written-off category depending on its damage.

Although it’s illegal to sell a written-off vehicle, most still do it. And for the buyers like you and me, there is no other way to be safe than ordering a vehicle history check. You can get a comprehensive report from the auto experts where you get a full history of any vehicle that includes the written-off category, stolen record, outstanding finance, tax status, five bands evaluation, and much more.

Is the odometer of the van shows the right mileage?

When it comes to knowing the van’s condition, the mileage is one of the most vital. It is the only way to know how the previous owners have taken care of the van and whether its vital parts are due for replacement or renewal. But knowing mileage isn’t possible by just reading the van’s odometer.

Most dishonest sellers reverse the odometer’s mileage reading to make the van appear more valuable, a term known as clocking. Since the van’s value in money is greatly dependent on mileage, dealers adjust it and try to sell the van for more money than it’s worth.

If you want to know the actual mileage of the van and pay as per the van’s real worth, get a detailed report from us that includes the van’s actual mileage from our cheapest vehicle check.

Is the van or vehicle legally belonging to you after buying?

Ever heard of proving that the van is actually your property even you have paid the full amount to the seller? Yes, you heard it right. If you buy a vehicle having outstanding finance, you may lose it to the finance company as it is legally their property. Not clear enough?

Let’s put it this way; if you buy a van on finance, it belongs to the finance company until you settle its finance, right? But in the middle of settling the finance, some dishonest people sell the van and make the buyer responsible for its finance.

Even though the buyer pays the full amount, there is still a need to settle the finance, or else the finance company may take possession of the van. And note that 1 out of 3 vehicles in the UK has outstanding finance on it. So, it’s worth getting a comprehensive report from the auto experts before buying, which includes an outstanding finance check which offers you the complete peace of mind that the van actually belongs to you.

Furthermore, the comprehensive report includes the stolen record of the van. The stolen record data helps you know whether the van is reported stolen or not. And if you were caught driving a stolen van, you will be subjected to several penalties and might lose your van even if you weren’t aware of it.

So here were some must-checks helpful for buying a used van. Now, let’s move forward and know the factors that affect the vehicle’s value or price.

Factors affecting the vehicles’ price

When buying a used vehicle, you must know what can affect its price, so you get that discount you were looking for. Following are the factors which lower the car’s value:

  • More previous owners as it makes the van’s condition suspicious.
  • Incomplete service history because it indicates that the vehicle is not well-maintained.
  • High mileage, which means that the vehicle and its vital components are near to the end of its life span.
  • A vehicle’s colour can also have a major impact on its value as some colours are unpopular and aren’t easier to sell.
  • Modifications to the vehicle aren’t as catchy as it looks because most buyers prefer unmodified vehicles.
  • Advisories on MOT certificates are also a major reason for a vehicle losing its value.
  • Inadequate van security can significantly lower its value and increase the risk of theft or damage.


All the factors mentioned above are important to check prior to buying. To know all this information, you should order a comprehensive vehicle report from The Auto Experts for just £9.99, and save your hard earned money.