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What is an MOT test?

MOT (Ministry of Transport) is a mandatory test for a vehicle older than three years. It is a legal requirement in the UK because it ensures road safety by checking if your car is roadworthy or not. When you perform an MOT test, you get a certificate where all the major and minor faults are listed. If your car fails an MOT check, you get a refusal certificate, also known as VT30, and your car details will be uploaded to the MOT database, declaring it to be unsafe on the road. So, before visiting an MOT test centre, repair your vehicle so that it meets the passing requirements; it’s a good way to save on car costs.

How Important is an MOT Test and How to Check if your MOT is Due?

It is illegal to drive a three year older car without an MOT certificate unless you are going to an MOT centre. However, even then, your vehicle must meet the minimum road safety requirements or else you may get a £1000 fine or may also get disqualified from driving for at least six months. You must be wondering that how the authorities would know if you have performed an MOT check. With over 11000 ANPR cameras, the authorities can easily identify the vehicle missing an updated MOT certificate, so; it’s better to update your MOT certificate before the due date.

But the question arises how to know the MOT due date? MOT test must be conducted every year so, you probably know the date if you performed an MOT check last year. However, if you have recently bought a car or you have forgotten the date, you can easily check it with book my garage for free. Once you have checked the date of your MOT, book a garage before its due date.

What Do I Need to Take my MOT?

Now when you have booked an MOT, it’s important to know what important documents to take with you when you visit one of our testing centres. Previously, in terms of legal requirements, there were certain documents and certificates required at MOT centres. However, not now because all the approved testing centres have access to needed documents online, thanks to a recently concluded government scheme. But if you are in doubt, bring the following documents and certificates with you:

  • Appointment letter – You can rather bring the appointment letter with you or have it ready on your email to show. This isn’t necessary, but it can make the process slightly quicker.
  • Vehicle service logbook – It’s always worth taking your vehicle service log book because it will show the car’s history along with technicians’ information. Such information adds more context to any potential problems.
  • Wheel nut key – Keep the locking wheel nut key on the passenger seat, saving the car technician from the hassle of finding it if they need to remove the wheels.
  • Remove items in the boot and from the back seat – The technicians will look for faults in the car, so the items may get misplaced or lost in the process of doing so. Therefore, it’s advised to remove all items from the vehicle before delivering the car to the MOT centre.

What is Checked on an MOT?

Your car’s front, rear, indicator, fog light, and rear reflectors must:

  • Be in acceptable condition
  • Be obscured enough
  • Be positioned correctly
  • Show the correct colour
  • Illuminate on the first attempt of turning the switch on.

Your car’s horn must emit continuous sound and must be loud as per the standards.

The battery must be fully secured without showing any signs of leaking electrolytes.

The car’s wiring must not be damaged to the extent where it is likely to short circuit or get detached.

Your vehicle’s steering wheel must be secured and must turn the wheels perfectly. If your steering wheel has a locking device, the technician will check if it only locks when the engine is off. Cars with power steering must have the required amount of power steering fluid in the reservoir.

The car’s shock absorbers and suspension components must not have excessive corrosion, fractures, and distortion.

Your vehicle’s brake pedal and lever must be in good condition, and all relevant warning lights must work. The technicians will also perform a brake performance test to ensure brakes are in acceptable condition.

The tyres must be of an appropriate speed and as per load rating for your vehicle. Plus, the tread depth must be at least 1.6mm, and the technician will check for any lumps, exposure, tears, and cord. The warning lights must work properly, and the wheel nuts must be in place and well-secured.

The car’s seatbelt must secure the driver and be of the correct length. The warning sign must work.

Your vehicle’s exhaust system must be free of leaks, and if the car came with a catalytic converter, it must still be present. Plus, the emitted hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide must lie within the legal limit. Note that your vehicle must have the right engine oil and fuel level for the tester to check the exhaust system.

The windscreen must not have a larger than 10mm damaged area as it affects the driver’s view. Also, the wing and rear-view mirrors must be well-secured and provide an adequate view to the driver. The wipers and washers must sweep enough area.

The MOT test is a legal requirement for three-year older cars, and you must conduct the test annually. Therefore, it is crucial to book an MOT test before its due date. You can easily book an MOT test for your car at bookmygarage and also can check your MOT’s due date just by entering the registration number.