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With The AutoExperts, it’s one and done when it comes to a used car.

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How to buy a car at The Auto Experts in 4 easy steps?

1. Choose your dream vehicle: 

With over half a million dealer-sold used cars available online right now, the car search engine has the most extensive collection of second-hand cars for UK residents only.

Just use CarSnip’s car-buying tool, and select your preferred make and model. It is a comprehensive used car tool where you can shortlist your dream car by price, body style, colour, engine size, mileage, and other factors.

We list used, nearly new and pre-registered models available at an affordable price.

2. Get in Touch with a Dealer:

Our partner Carsnip connects you with the top-rated, trusted, and approved dealers from the United Kingdom. Select the dealer and the offer most suitable to you depending on cost, location and dealer ratings given by other Carsnip buyers.

All vehicle dealers would offer their best price upfront, which means you do not have to bargain and be surprised by hidden fees. Our motto is to save buyer’s thousands of pounds on their purchase.

3. Select A Finance option

Not everyone has the cash to buy any car, and we are familiar with this very well. That’s why we offer different finance options to buy used cars you desire. For this purpose, we have partnered with Oodle that allows you to buy a car on finance.

There are two ways you can apply for finance before you buy any used cars in the UK:

  • First, search for the vehicle you like and then apply for finance. We partner with most motor dealers and finance brokers in the United Kingdom, including CarSnip, so you will not have trouble securing the loan.
  • The second option is to get the finance first according to your budget and then start the vehicle search.

Remember, Oodle’s main financing option is Hire purchase (HP). The zero-deposit car finance is also accessible.

4. Collect your car

Once you’ve selected your preferred vehicle, you can ask the dealer any questions or confusion you may have. Call them and visit them to check the car and even test-drive it. Once you decide to buy a car online, you can collect the car yourself or ask the dealer to deliver it to your door.

Check if a vehicle has been stolen, written-off, has any outstanding finance & more

Why Buy A Car Through The Auto Experts?

Peace of mind

All vehicles listed on our site through Carsnip come from the trusted UK dealers, so you do not have to worry about dodgy deals.

Reasonably priced cars

With about half a million second-hand cars in the UK available for sale, you always have the liberty to pick the deal that comes under your budget.

No hassle

Besides exploring the UK's largest vehicle search engine from the comfort of your home, you can apply for car finance online and get the vehicle at your door. Can it be more hassle-free than this?


1. How to return the vehicle I purchased if something goes wrong with it?

The Consumer Rights Act 2015 favours you for a complete refund within the first one month after buying a new or used car that is defective. Just hand it back to the dealership you have purchased it from and get back all your paid money.

It is wise to order a car inspection and a car check before shopping to ensure you are not purchasing a faulty vehicle.

2. Where to buy a car?

You can visit a car lot, an auction site, a private seller or a dealership to buy a car in the UK . Every option has its pros and cons. However, buying a car online is a preferred option in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

3. What finance option is best for buying a car online?

There are four standard options to finance your car in the UK. The best financial decision would depend on your circumstances. Choose from below:

  1. Hire Purchase (HP): You deposit a certain amount upfront, and the rest you can pay in monthly installments.
  2. Personal Contract Purchase (PCP): You pay agreed monthly installments and, in the end, can own the vehicle or swap it for a newer model.
  3. Lease (Personal Contract Hire): It is the same as the PCP except that you cannot buy the automobile at the end of the lease.
  4. Personal Loan (PL): You take a personal loan from a bank or any financial institution to pay for the used car.
4. How to transfer ownership and tax for a used car you bought?

The seller has to do it, and the process is simple. The seller can change car ownership online by telling the DVLA about the new keeper. They should provide you with the green section of the V5C form and send the completed ‘new keeper’ portion to the DVLA.

If you fail to get the new V5C (logbook) or the seller has misplaced the vehicle’s logbook, you’ll require filling the V62 form to request a new registration certificate.

Sorry, you cannot transfer the tax, so you have to tax your new car online.

5. What are the good points of buying a car from a dealer?

You could enjoy multiple benefits; some of them include:

  • The dealers may offer you a used car history report for free.
  • You may be able to enjoy tax benefits.
  • You may get a car warranty.
  • You can generally receive financing options.
6. What paperwork should I complete when buying a used car?

While you may not need to present many documents while you buy a second-hand car, you do require some crucial paperwork to drive the vehicle home. These comprise of:

  • Driving licence
  • Insurance policy
  • Road tax
  • Payment document

Meet Our Partner, CarSnip

Our partner Carsnip does not only offer you the most extensive used car search database, but it is also unique in its service to make your car buying process a breeze. While we take care of the vehicle history check and car finance, we display thousands of cars of all makes and models in the United Kingdom.

Not impressed? Let’s see how we are unique from others.

The used car search engine connects you directly with the sellers, who are basically car dealers selling high-quality cars. As you take out the middleman, you liberate yourself from misinformation and confusion. It allows you to bargain and buy a new car at a price suitable to you.

How it works?

Don’t know what car I should buy? No worries! You do not have to tell which make and model you need or the location. Simply tell us your price range, colour preference, body style, or fuel type, and we will present you all the cheap second-hand cars in our database matching your criteria.


Please note that Carsnip Ltd is a commercial associate of The Auto Experts. When you click on a vehicle advertised on The Auto Experts, we may get a small amount from Carsnip. We do not accept any commission or cut for any car you may consequently buy via Carsnip’s platform.