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Type of car finances available

Personal Loan

Personal loans allow you to own the car right away. You will be obliged to pay the entire amount in instalments for some years. Personal loans are called unsecured because if you cannot pay the instalment, the lender can take away your car. Hence, the possession of the car is not guaranteed.

Hire Purchase

Hire purchase, a.k.a HP car finances, allows you to buy your car at cheaper interest rates, even if you have a bad credit history. The HP car finance contract demands you to pay an initial deposit( generally 10%) and then the rest in monthly instalments. You will only own the car after you pay the entire amount, including option-to-purchase fees.

Personal Contract Purchase (PCP)

Here in PCP car finance, you pay the monthly instalments for the difference of amount between the current price of the car and its approximate depreciated value at the end of the contract. Though the monthly instalments may be less than the other car finances, it doesn't allow you to own the car unless you pay the "balloon payment".

How to choose the right car finance deal?

Now that you are aware of the type of car finances, it is time to decide which suits you the best for you.


Check if a vehicle has been stolen, written-off, has any outstanding finance & more

Which factors decide your car loan cost?

The two factors on which the amount you will need to pay your car loan depends :

Interest: An interest rate or APR is applied to your loan amount based on your credit score. When you buy a car on finance, you will be required to pay the loan amount along with interest. If you have debt issues, a higher interest rate will be applied. This could make the car even more expensive.

Loan’s term: Another major factor on which the car loan cost depends is the loan’s term or length—the longer your loan term, the shorter your monthly instalments. And you will also end up paying more interest for a longer period.

Use our car finance calculator to find how much your car loan costs.

Why Choose The Auto Experts for the best car finance deals?

Generally, the time taken for the approval of a car loan is 1-2 business days. For quick car finance, choose our services that bring you a step closer to your dream car. Make us understand your needs, and we will get to you some suitable car finance deals from a wide range of lenders. We not only help you speed up the process but give you the much-required peace of mind.

Easy returns

If you are not satisfied with your decision, then you can quickly return your car without any fuss. We only accept the returns on vehicles that are in the same conditions as received and have not ridden more than 200 miles.

Guaranteed peace of mind

Car buying is not an easy process. We are here to make it effortless and quick for you. All our cars are thoroughly vetted so you can relax and be at your peace.

Free car delivery

We also offer free car delivery to customers who live within the range of 250 miles from the supplying dealer. Please note this facility is only valid for customers for their first vehicle that has been financed through us.

Independent company

We are an independent company and not run by any insurance company. So you can rest assured of the quality and accuracy of our services which are the combined results of our experience and superior technology.


With years of expertise, numerous accolades and 100% customer satisfaction, it is undoubtedly none other than The Auto Experts. We can make your car buying process less hectic and more enjoyable.

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Having bad credit doesn’t mean that you must give up on buying a car. We are here to find the best deal for you. Contact us for more information.

Having a good credit score or having a stable job will undoubtedly enhance your chances of getting car finance approval. It is impossible to give 100 % guaranteed car finance, but we can help you better your options. You can use our car finance eligibility checker to know more.