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Why Compare Car Insurance Quotes with us?

We aim to make it simple to find the cheapest insurance quotes so that you can drive with peace of mind.

Simple and Instant

Just give us few details about yourself, your car, and the cover.


We will help you find the cheapest insurance quote as per your needs – A chance to save £ 250

Renewal Updates

Never miss a renewal date with our car monitoring program. We will keep you updated about your MOT and tax deadlines.

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost?

The cost of car insurance varies per your age and insurance providers. In general, a comprehensive car insurance policy will cost you up to £520. The factors affecting the cost of insurance are:

18 – 21
£1409 – £1107
21 – 25
£1107 – £848
25 – 35
£848 – £612
35 – 45
£612 – £498
45 – 55
£498 – £386

What Information do you Need to Get a Car Insurance Quotes?

If you are changing your insurance provider, your recent or renewal insurance documents should have all the details we require, but if it’s first-time buying, get all these details upfront.

Details of your car 

Provide the make and model of your car and registration number. We’ll also ask about your car’s age and modifications if you have made.

Your personal details and licence 

Provide your name, age, job, and address. We’ll also ask about the type of licence you have, the date of obtaining it, any previous claims, and your driving history. If you have details of the no-claims bonus of the year, it will help you get a discount. Also, we will need the exact details of the additional driver if you include him.

Purpose of driving 

Do you use your car for business, social, or commuting? Let us know about it. We will also need to know how many miles you drive per year and where you park your car at night to provide the best insurance plan for you.


Check if a vehicle has been stolen, written-off, has any outstanding finance & more

What are the Types of Car Insurance?

When buying car insurance, keep in mind the lowest cover doesn’t mean that it’s the cheapest. You can get the highest cover at the lowest price. Following are the three types.

Comprehensive car insurance 

It’s the highest level of cover protecting you, your car, passengers, and their property. You will get full cover for damage, medical expenses, repairs, fire, and theft. Although it’s the highest level, comprehensive car insurance might be the cheapest option depending on your insurance provider.

Third-party fire and theft

It covers you for any damage caused to the other person’s vehicle, their property, and your passengers. Damage to your car is on you, but it covers you for the replacement and repair of any part of your vehicle in the case of car theft and fire.


It’s the lowest level cover available to get you on the road legally. You will get protection if you damage someone’s property and the person’s medical expenses in the case of injury. Also, your passengers will get covered too. This is the lowest level cover, but it doesn’t mean that it’s the cheapest option.

How to Get Cheap Car Insurance Quotes?

No-Claims Discount

If you avoid a claim for a long time, you can get a big discount on your premium. The longer you avoid, the bigger the bonus gets. It’s possible when you avoid claiming for minor repairs or replacements. Instead, manage to do it yourself.


Your car insurance automatically renews every year, but you can find a cheaper deal by comparing quotes online.


Avoid modifying your car. The insurer providers charge higher if your car is modified because the repair costs get higher as spare parts are hard to find.


Telematics policies give younger drivers a chance to get a cheaper quote by showing that their driving habits are great.

Pay Annually

Paying the premium annually might be harder, but the insurance providers will charge extra when you pay monthly instalments.

Car Monitor

Turn on your car monitor, so you get an alert when the time comes for renewal.


Car insurance providers have different procedures for giving the claim. So, contact your insurer provider and ask him for the details required and applying procedure.

If you cancel the policy within the first 14 days of buying, there are no cancellation charges. But after 14 days, the insurance providers will ask for the cancellation fee.

Yes, it affects the insurance cost because the insurance providers use a rating factor for occupations. The reason for this is that some occupations are risker than others. So, the insurance companies charge as per the risk associated with them.

When you can’t find the exact title of your job, check a similar description instead, see if you could find it there. If you still couldn’t find it, choose any relevant job title because you will be able to confirm it with your insurer before buying.