How reliable are HPI checks?

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Check if the vehicle is stolen, has outstanding finance, insurance written off, and many more vehicle hidden history in minutes.
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What is an HPI check?

An HPI check is a quick and easy way to get peace of mind when buying a used car. By checking the vehicle's history, you'll be beyond any doubt that it has not been recorded as stolen, write-off, considered as scrap.

HPI checks are quick and straightforward, and they seem to spare you a huge amount and bother you in the long run. If you're considering buying a used car, make sure you get an HPI check, to begin with. Whether you're buying or offering a car, an HPI check is a fundamental portion of the method.

Our HPI check will extract information from DVLA, MIAFTR, and PNC databases for any reported cases and inform you about them. The HPI check saves you from buying a risk- free reported car.

For example, if the vehicle is registered stolen, the police will get to you one day or another. So, you will lose the vehicle even if you have fully paid for it.

Car scams have never been this common in the UK. As per the statistics, 1 out of 3 HPI vehicle checks reveal hidden car history. So, never take the seller’s words for it. Enter your vehicle registration number and get a detailed report about the car in minutes.

Why Trust Auto Experts for a free HPI check?

  • The Auto Experts source information from the most powerful trusted partners in the UK. There is almost zero percent risk of inaccurate information. In the case of inaccurate information, you can claim up to £30,000 data guarantee, upon terms and conditions.
  • The free HPI check costs you nothing but your few minutes. It reveals essential information about the car and you just want to know its condition.
  • When you are not sure about the vehicles history then you can get our cheapest hpi check to reveal the hidden history of the vehicle. On the other hand, if the seller is unknown, you must go for a comprehensive HPI check.

How much does a full HPI check cost you?

  • Comprehensive full HPI checks will cost you just £9.99.
  • In the UK, we provide vehicle history checks at the lowest prices. On top of that, our data is more detailed and 99.9% accurate. Like us, no one can give more than 50+ information at lower cost.
  • If you know anyone claiming that they provide the same information for free, don't go for it. They are either providing fake information with no source or revealing basic car information, which is available for free.

Want to know what’s included in free and full hpi check? Read this article for more details about hpi check. If you are checking more than one vehicle, we will provide a valuable discount. You can also get benefits from bulk checks offered at a low cost & specially designed for car dealers.

First thing, the police have to return the car to the real owner; hence seizing the vehicle from you is going to happen once they find the car is stolen.

Even if you bought from a reputed dealer, you end up losing the vehicle and quite impossible to get the claim. It is because you need to prove your innocence in choosing a stolen car to the police.

Insurance claim is based on the coverage you opt for. Although, the compensation processes only after investigating the whole matter on how much they can pay for you. Since insurance fraud is common, there are very few opportunities to get reimbursed.

Answering Your Questions

The DVLA will not provide a free HPI check. The DVLA and all other car check websites will not offer a free comprehensive HPI check. Instead, you can get the cheapest HPI check from us.

The number plate history is necessary to conclude the vehicle's reliability. It is easy to conclude the vehicle with plate change history through registration number. With The Auto Experts car history check, you can easily trace the vehicle details in one click.

The change in the number plate history had various stories. It means, The stolen vehicle might come to the showroom masking it has “reliable cars to buy.”

Can erase the vehicle's adverse history or illegal activities with a change in plate numbers.

Possibilities of changing the number plate can end in buying the vehicle marked by police or the vehicle declared as scrap Hence, better buy after identifying the number plate change history by confirming with the VIN, vehicle registration document, and other history checks. Get to know what are other details can reveal from the reg check.

The actual reason for searching for the registered keeper is to know the car is owned by a genuine person and not involved in any illegal cases. The other reason is to determine the resale price of the vehicle.

Let’s say you’re the person searching for the previous keeper's details; for that, you need to:

Contact the DVLA, then you have to explain why this keeper's search by applying the V888 form. If the reason is genuine, you can proceed with the further procedures.

You can find the registered keeper details easily through the vehicle logbook. It is advised not to buy a car without confirming the genuine V5C. It becomes hard for you if you don’t find the registration document as you never know who owned this vehicle before.

You can’t find the registered keeper details online. A vehicle check reveals the number of previous keepers and basic details to determine the used car you choose to buy issue-free.

It means the vehicle registered keeper details access is in the hands of the police and the DVLA. So, it's better to contact the DVLA if you search for the car owner's detail. Here is on what reasonable cause does the DVLA allows you to search.