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Check if the vehicle is stolen, has outstanding finance, insurance written off, and many more vehicle hidden history in minutes.

HPI Check, short for Hire Purchase Information Check, is a vital service designed to empower individuals with crucial information about a used vehicle before purchasing. When considering buying a used car, an HPI Check is essential. It offers invaluable insights into the vehicle's past, equipping prospective buyers with the knowledge to avoid concealed problems and scams.

The primary objective of this car check is to facilitate well-informed decisions for those looking to buy a used car. By revealing hidden issues and potential risks associated with the vehicle under consideration, the HPI Check acts as your shield in the car-buying process.

HPI Clear: what is it?

“HPI Clear” is a term commonly used in the UK to describe a vehicle that has been checked and has a clean vehicle history record according to a vehicle history check. When a vehicle is labelled as “HPI Clear,” it means that no significant issues or red flags are found in its history that would typically concern a buyer.

Should I use HPI Check's official service?

When compared to HPI officials, we offer half the price and the information is provided the same. The Auto Experts vehicle check is your reliable and affordable choice.

We process hundreds of free and premium car checks each hour. Cheapest HPI checks comprehensive reports, user-friendly platforms, trusted reputation, and up-to-date vehicle history records come standard with our service.

Why choose The Auto Experts for your HPI check?

HPI Check® can be expensive, charging £19.95 for a comprehensive one-off vehicle check. However, there's no need to overspend when you get the same detailed checks through an Auto Experts Premium report at just £9.99 – less than half the price. We use the same trusted data providers and back our checks with a £30,000 Data Guarantee for your peace of mind. Why pay more for the same quality?

How much does our vehicle check cost you?

We offer a vehicle check at the lowest cost. Our online free report includes basic check details such as the vehicle’s make, model, year of manufacture, MOT status, and tax status. It’s a great starting point for obtaining preliminary information about a vehicle’s history, especially if you’re on a budget. Nevertheless, they are not always critical. Almost all this data is freely available.

But this information is not as detailed as a vehicle check costing £9.99. Our comprehensive HPI style check covers over 50+ data points, such as outstanding finance, whether a vehicle has been stolen, written off, or has high risks.

Want to know what’s included in our free and premium report? Read this article for more details about the HPI check. Also, we offer different pricing tiers, allowing you to choose the level of detail that fits your needs and budget, especially designed for car dealers.

Answering Your Questions

It helps buyers make informed decisions by providing accurate and up-to-date information about a used vehicle's history. It can reveal if a car has any outstanding finance, has been stolen, has been written off by an insurance company, or has any mileage discrepancies. It can also help buyers avoid scams or fraudulent activities related to used vehicle sales.

Keep in mind that while free HPI checks can provide some basic information, they may not include all the details available in a paid report. If you require a more comprehensive and detailed vehicle history report, you may consider investing in a paid HPI check, which typically offers a more thorough examination of a vehicle's history and background. It is still possible to find lots of information for free, but if you are buying the vehicle, a Premium report is well worth it.

Every car dealer should perform the HPI check so you may be confident that the vehicle you are about to purchase has no hidden history. If you are buying from the dealer, ask them about the vehicle’s HPI clearance or not.

However, 50% of car dealers purchase vehicle check reports from us as we provide them at the lowest price across the UK. Check out our trade check packages, starting at £2.99.

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