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Our data provides mileage information and will flag it up if there are any issues on the vehicle's mileage.

How can I check if a car's mileage has been clocked or tampered with?

Are you concerned about purchasing a clocked vehicle and overpaying for altered mileage? Safeguard your investment with our straightforward process for checking a car's mileage. Our car mileage check service simplifies the task, offering any UK vehicle's trustworthy and precise mileage history.

Enter the car's registration number on our website, and you will receive the official mileage record, ensuring you are well-informed before purchasing. Our service is reliable and accurate, drawing from official DVLA data. Using our user-friendly platform, you can confidently protect yourself from the risks of hidden odometer tampering and be sure you are making a wise choice with our car mileage check service.

Gain the assurance and peace of mind you need for your vehicle purchase.

Why isn't there any mileage data for my vehicle?

Several reasons can explain the absence of available mileage data for your vehicle:

  • New Vehicle: If the car you are inquiring about is brand new, it might have yet to accumulate any recorded mileage, as it has not been driven extensively.
  • Non-UK Registration: The UK's DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) maintains mileage records. If the vehicle is not registered in the UK, the DVLA would not have mileage data for it.
  • No MOT Test: In the UK, vehicle mileage is recorded during the annual MOT (Ministry of Transport) test, which assesses vehicle safety and emissions. If your car has yet to undergo an MOT test, there won't be mileage data on record.
  • Data Errors: Occasionally, discrepancies or errors can exist in the stored mileage data. You can contact the DVLA to request an investigation and correction if you suspect inaccuracies.

When there is no available mileage data for your vehicle, it can be challenging to assess its history fully. It's crucial to remember this when making a purchase decision and to be aware of potential uncertainties or risks associated with the lack of mileage information.

Where does the mileage check data come from?

Mileage check data in the United Kingdom primarily comes from various sources that compile and maintain records related to a vehicle's mileage history. The key sources for this data include DVSA & MOT (Ministry of Transport), which records a vehicle's mileage each time it undergoes a mandatory MOT test. The records are crucial for tracking the car's mileage history and identifying discrepancies.

When you run a vehicle check, the DVLA's database is accessed, and the data is provided to you. This ensures that the information you receive is accurate and reliable. To ensure the accuracy of your mileage check, you should use a reputable source. We provide a free mileage check service based on DVLA data on our website.

Answering Your Questions

Our mileage history check provides comprehensive information, including MOT mileage history, discrepancies, last year's recorded mileage, vehicle age, and registration details sourced from DVLA records.

Buying a clocked car can be costly, as you might end up paying more than the vehicle's true value due to the falsely reduced mileage. The hidden, higher mileage can also lead to unexpected repair and maintenance expenses, impacting your finances.

Firstly, clocked vehicles often come with undisclosed wear and tear, which could compromise their safety and reliability. Financially, when you eventually try to resell the vehicle, its true mileage will become evident, possibly resulting in a reduced resale value and making it harder to find a buyer. It is essential to conduct mileage checks and due diligence to avoid the pitfalls associated with purchasing a clocked vehicle.

If you encounter a mistake or discrepancy in the mileage data of a vehicle in the UK, it is essential to address the issue promptly and take the following steps:

  • Contact the Seller: Reach out to the seller or dealer from whom you purchased the vehicle. Inform them about the error in the mileage data and provide any evidence or documentation that supports your claim. This step allows for an initial attempt to resolve the matter amicably.
  • Request Documentation: Ask the seller to provide any available documentation, such as service records, MOT certificates, or previous ownership history, which can help in verifying the correct mileage. Cross-referencing this information can be crucial in identifying the accurate mileage.
  • Contact the test centre: You can directly contact the test centre if the mistake was recorded less than 28 days ago. In the case that the test was completed more than 28 days ago, you should contact DVSA to get a correction.

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