Clocking the car for price still exists. Check before buying!

Check Mileage History

Think twice, if the used car's odometer showing low mileage.
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Check Mileage of Any Used Car Registered in the UK?

  • Know the correct mileage and get the best car at a better price.
  • Watch the odometer reading match with the MOT recordings.
  • The average mileage of a used car is around 10,000 miles a year.

Why Checking Mileage On A Used Car Is Important?

Some dishonest sellers reverse the odometer's reading before you see the car at the forecourt. After you plan to buy, they put the correct mileage without you even noticing. This is how they sell you a high mileage car at a higher price.

It is illegal, but the risk is very low. Do you really remember the car mileage when buying it? Probably not; you may give it a general glance and then forget about it.

If you may somehow notice the odometer reading, you can’t judge the seller by relying just on your memory. That’s why it is crucial to check if the car has genuine mileage.

How Much Does a Car Mileage Check Cost?

Technically, you can get a car mileage check free, but it may not be genuine. A free mileage check shows odometer reading at a recent MOT test.

In some cases, the recent MOT test could be 364 days old. Plus, some owners may have skipped MOT annual tests. So, it is not wise to consider MOT’s mileage check.

Then you may wonder how to check if the car mileage is genuine. Well, we can help you with that. Our comprehensive car history check shows the odometer's reading changes along with its date in just £9.99. So, relax – no one can deceive you.

Answering Your Questions

Mileage clocking isn’t illegal but selling a clocked car is. It’s crucial to understand this difference and know your rights. If you buy a clocked car without knowing, you have specific rights and can sue the seller for this act.

However, these rights only apply if you have bought from a registered car dealer.

In other cases, you may not have any other option than regret. Therefore, it is essential to check if a car is clocked before buying.

A free car mileage check only shows the odometer reading at the last MOT test. It takes a year to go for the next MOT. So, there is a 365 days gap, and you never know how many miles the vehicle has covered in this duration. For that reason, you can’t trust the MOT’s mileage record to be genuine. However, a paid mileage check is 100% genuine.

The car has high mileage when the odometer shows a reading between 100,000 and 143,000 miles. Modern vehicles are safe to drive even after 100,000 miles, but some aren’t. If the car has high mileage but is physically and mechanically fit, go for it. It's about the car's condition, not the mileage number.

There are two reasons why a mileage check shows “mileage record not found.” Either the car is less than three years old, or the car owner has not bothered to go for MOT. In both cases, the mileage check won’t show any record.