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The external shiny appearance certainly doesn’t explain the exact condition of a car. A detailed vehicle inspection by a certified inspector becomes vital here. Getting a car inspected before buying a car gives you peace of mind as well as value for your hard-earned money.

Some have good knowledge about the car mechanics to conduct a review on their own. But not all have the required mechanical knowledge, do they? This is where our car inspection service will come in handy.

From looking over the engine to electrics, suspension to steering, brake fluids to transmission, car inspection will involve the complete external and internal check of your car. In other words, a detailed vehicle inspection will tell you the hidden story behind any vehicle that a seller may not reveal. 

Car inspection will help you make better decisions while buying used cars. It lists out the problems which you can, later on, ask the seller to fix for you or be ready to negotiate and reduce the pricing.

According to a recent survey released by The Citizens Advice Bureau “ In the year gone by, there were over 84000 complaints registered exclusively by the used car buyers” May you not join the herd. Conducting a detailed car inspection has become more inevitable than ever.

A detailed car inspection just like the one conducted by Autoexperts allows you to gain all the required information about the car. It makes you understand your vehicle to the best.

Evidently, conducting a car inspection saves your time and money. Our vehicle inspection service lets you buy only the best driving experiences and not the costly repairs along with it. Our trained and certified inspectors will conduct an independent review of the vehicle thoroughly providing you with the most accurate information about your car.

Our car inspection booking process is effortless. All it takes is three simple steps and your inspection report will be at your disposal. Upon booking the service, our independent motor technician will reach your location to conduct the inspection. We will deliver the most comprehensive vehicle inspection reports. We have two different levels of inspection namely the basic inspection and premium inspection.

Our basic inspection report includes:

  • Up to 105 -point mechanical and visual structural inspection
  • Cars of age up to 10 years
  • Inspection report emailed to you
  • Road test till 5 mile
  • Limited checks
  • Complimentary consultation with the mechanic over the phone after the inspection

Our premium inspection report includes:

  • Up to 205- point mechanical and visual structural inspection
  • Cars of any age
  • Detailed report with photos
  • Inspection report emailed to you
  • Road test till 10 mile
  • Complete interior and exterior checks
  • Detailed inspection conducted by raising the vehicle
  • Complimentary consultation with the mechanic over the phone after the inspection
Check if a vehicle has been stolen, written-off, has any outstanding finance & more

Book your vehicle pre-inspection in 3 simple steps

Car inspection can’t get any easier than this. It only takes a few seconds! Get your access to the best car inspection service in the UK now!

Describe your car and its details

We would require a few details about the car you are willing to purchase such as the registration number and postcode of location.

Choose a convenient time and date

We will then ask for a time and date which is the best suitable for both you and the seller so that our team can conduct the car inspection.

Let’s take care of the rest

After conducting the car inspection, we will email you the inspection report.

Why choose The Auto Experts for your car inspection services?

Here are a few reasons that make us the best and core vehicle inspection service provider in the UK:

  • Customized car inspection with the availability of a range of options
  • Excellent customer satisfaction helps us get recurring clients
  • 1000+ successful inspections conducted 
  • Quick services booked online
  • Trained and accredited vehicles inspectors
  • Inspections conducted onsite for your convenience


1. Is it worth conducting a vehicle inspection for used cars in 2021?

Buying used cars without conducting an inspection can put you at great risk. Avoid these troubles and conduct a car inspection for your peace of mind.

2. How much does it cost to run a car inspection UK?

Car inspection in the UK starts from £55 to £229 depending upon the level of inspection opted.

3. What things one must ask the seller about before booking the car inspection?

Ask for the availability of the vehicle. Make sure the car is set up properly for the inspection. Inform the seller that his/her car must be clean, have a valid MOT certificate, and sufficient quantity of oil, water and fuel.

4. When is the payment required for the inspection?

You will be required to pay for the vehicle inspection at the time of booking.

5. How can I make the payment?

The payment can be done using a credit or a debit card.

6. Can you inspect imported vehicles?

Yes, we do. All you have to do is inform us when you do the booking with us and we will take care of the rest.