Can I check if a car is stolen?

Stolen Car Check

Check if a vehicle is recorded as stolen in PNC.

Buying a stolen vehicle is not a pleasant experience. And it's not simply a misconception that stolen cars are reclaimed and leave you out of pocket. It's actually quite common. Unknowingly if you buy a stolen vehicle and it isn't recovered right away, you won't be able to retain it for as long as you believe since police and insurer databases will eventually record it as "stolen."

If you drive the vehicle on the road, it will be detected by an ANPR camera, which might lead to you being prosecuted.

Why should I worry with a stolen car check?

A stolen car check ensures that what you're purchasing isn't someone else's rightful property. If it is someone else's vehicle, the cops will reclaim it, and you will be out of luck.

It's often impossible to determine if a vehicle is stolen just by looking at it; it could be immaculately clean inside and out, just like any other vehicle. However, a paid data check can only uncover what's below. This information is NOT freely available anywhere, so be wary of vendors who promise to give a "free stolen check."

What is actually included in a Police Stolen Check?

We extract this information from PND and other sources to check the stolen marker. All we need is your vehicle reg number. With our vehicle history check one can Check if a vehicle has been stolen or not. You can find the below information in our report which will help to clarify with the seller before purchasing any vehicle,

  • Stolen date
  • Stolen status
  • Stolen police source
  • Updated Tax Status
  • Police stolen check report
  • Date of the theft
  • Date when the vehicle is recorded as stolen and over 50 other checks!

Prosecution or Penalty

When you are caught driving a stolen car, you may result in charges or get a heavy penalty for it.

Things You Should Do to Avoid Buying a Stolen Vehicle

The situation after buying a stolen car is full of troubles. That’s why it is best for you to do your due diligence before buying a used car. Here is what you should do to avoid buying a stolen vehicle.

Check the address of the registered keeper on the V5C logbook. Make sure you check the car at that address specifically.

Know the car's actual worth. If the seller offers a very low price, then there is something wrong with the car.

Never agree to pay cash, especially if the car price is more than £3000. The fraudsters won’t accept traceable payments.

Avoid buying a vehicle without a title.

Check if a vehicle is stolen with our full HPI check service. It’s an all-in-one check that won’t require you to take the above cautions.

What Happens if You Bought a Stolen Vehicle Unknowingly?

First thing, the police have to return the car to the real owner; hence seizing the vehicle from you is going to happen once they find the car is stolen.

Even if you bought from a reputed dealer, you end up losing the vehicle and quite impossible to get the claim. It is because you need to prove your innocence in choosing a stolen car to the police.

Insurance claim is based on the coverage you opt for. Although, the compensation processes only after investigating the whole matter on how much they can pay for you. Since insurance fraud is common, there are very few opportunities to get reimbursed.

Answering Your Questions

Free stolen car checks allow you to find out if and when the car you've been considering is marked as stolen. Enter the vehicle's registration number (VRM) you are interested in purchasing, and we'll show you everything from its MOT history to whether it has been stolen or written off.

Yes, it's a fact. The stolen vehicles won't have a decent resale value even in the best conditions. It's because the stolen and recovered vehicle has compromised insurance. Plus, there is a concept that the theft may have roughly driven it. So, the buyers will bid at a lower value. They will prefer a car with a “clean title”.

The Police may take months to recover a stolen car and sometimes weeks. In fact, there is no exact time period for it. The cars marked as stolen by insurance companies are easily detectable by ANPR cameras. So, they are easy to recover. In otherwise cases, there is a 27% chance that the Police will recover a stolen vehicle.

In auto theft cases, pick up your phone and dial 101 to contact Police immediately. The Police will ask for the vehicle's registration number, make, and model. So, make sure you have noted them down beforehand.

Yes, it’s crucial to report stolen number plates either to DVLA or Police immediately. The thief may use your registration number in criminal activity. In such a case, the government authorities will interrogate and see you as a criminal. So, it's vital to report stolen number plates so that you get proof of your innocence.

Check if Car is Stolen by License Plate

Find out if a car is stolen.