Can I check if a car is stolen?

Stolen car check

Check if a vehicle is recorded as stolen in PNC.

Buying a car that has been reported stolen is far from an enjoyable experience. Possessing a stolen vehicle can bring about legal complications, potential financial losses, and safety hazards.

Ensuring a stolen car check is carried out becomes imperative when buying a vehicle to mitigate these issues. This involves cross-referencing the car's details with the Police National Computer (PNC) to ascertain its stolen status and history from reliable sources, including DVLA.

Individuals can find reassurance by undertaking a car check, gaining confidence that the vehicle they are involved with has not been flagged as stolen.

Why should I worry about a stolen car check?

A stolen car check guarantees that your acquisition isn't rightfully owned by someone else. If it is someone else's vehicle, the police will recover it, leaving you unfortunate.

Determining if a vehicle is stolen is often challenging just by visual inspection. Like any other vehicle, it might appear impeccably clean, inside and out. However, a paid car history check at £9.99 is the only way to reveal what lies beneath.

This information is not readily accessible for free, so exercise caution with vendors claiming to provide a "free stolen check"!

What happens if you buy a stolen car?

Purchasing stolen property, even unintentionally, may result in criminal charges, with ignorance offering little defence. Financially, there is the prospect of losing the entire purchase amount, as compensation is unlikely. Insurance coverage for the vehicle may be voided, leaving you responsible for any ensuing damages or liabilities.

When the police discover a stolen car, they will seize it from you because they must first return the vehicle to its rightful owner.

Even if you buy it from a reputable dealer, you lose the vehicle, and it is pretty impossible to get the claim. It is because you need to prove your innocence to the police in choosing a stolen car.

Insurance claim is based on the coverage you opt for. However, the compensation process is only after investigating how much they can pay for you. Since insurance fraud is common, there are few opportunities to get reimbursed.

Read more about the risks for buying a stolen vehicle here.

Things you should do to avoid buying a stolen vehicle

The situation after buying a stolen car is full of troubles. That's why you should do your due diligence before purchasing a used car.

Here is what you should do to avoid buying a stolen vehicle.

  • Check the address of the registered keeper on the V5C logbook. Make sure you check the car at that address specifically.
  • Know the car's actual worth. If the seller offers a low price, there is something wrong with the vehicle.
  • Never agree to pay cash, especially if the car price is more than £3000. The fraudsters won't accept traceable payments.
  • Avoid buying a vehicle without a title.
  • Check if a vehicle is stolen with our full vehicle checks service. It is an all-in-one check that won't require you to take the above precautions.

Answering Your Questions

We obtained this data from the Police National Computer (PNC) and other reliable sources, such as the DVLA, to verify the stolen marker. Enter your vehicle registration number (VRM), and our vehicle history check will reveal whether the vehicle has been reported stolen. The relevant information can be found in our report, assisting you in clarifying matters with the seller before making any car purchase.Stolen date

  • Stolen police source
  • Stolen Info Source
  • Updated MOT & Tax Status
  • Mileage history
  • and get a benefit of up to £30k data guarantee.

The worst that can happen is that after neglecting to order a stolen car check, you discover that you've purchased a "ringed" or "stolen car". Don't panic.

  • Contact police '101' immediately to report the theft, providing comprehensive details about your vehicle. Obtain a crime reference number, which will be essential for insurance purposes.
  • Promptly notify your insurance company, offering them the crime reference number and any other requested information to initiate the claims process. If your vehicle is equipped with a tracking device, activate it to aid the police in locating your car.
  • Notify the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) to safeguard against potential liabilities arising from the theft. The thief may use your registration number in criminal activity. In such a case, the government authorities will interrogate and see you as a criminal. So, it's vital to report stolen number plates so that you get proof of your innocence.

You can also apply for a vehicle tax refund.

The Police may take months to recover a stolen car and sometimes weeks. There is no exact period for it. The cars marked as stolen by insurance companies are easily detectable by ANPR cameras. This makes them easy to recover.

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