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What’s Included?

Trade Feature

Trade Distinct Packages just for Dealers:

Enjoy bulk checks at low cost in three flexible packages for motor traders. Pay once & get access to your dashboard to keep track of your records.

Trade Feature

Low-cost Vehicle History Checks and 5 Band Market Valuation:

Reports come with the complete history of the vehicle from a reliable source. Dealers have to pay £2.99 for a single check and get a valuation report at £2.99.

Trade Feature

24/7 Support by Experts:

Our support team answers your queries about your portal’s specific report or features. One more step towards our dealers to make easier access and reduce the stress of spending more pounds on the car check.

One More Step for Dealers

Our vehicle history report includes all critical information about a vehicle. Each information is sourced directly from a trusted partner like DVLA, PNC, and DVSA. View our sample report before signing up!

Included in Vehicle History Check Reports:

  • Finance status
  • Write-off status
  • Marked as stolen?
  • Marked as high risk?
  • VIC Inspected
  • Mileage Anomaly
  • Scrapped status
  • Number plate & Keeper’s history
  • Exported/Imported?
  • VIN last 5 digits

Answering Your Questions

A trade vehicle check is an evaluation process to assess the value of a vehicle when trading it in for a new one.

Getting a trade vehicle check helps you understand the value of your car before negotiating a trade-in deal, ensuring you receive a fair offer from the dealer.

Yes, you can negotiate the trade-in value based on the results of the trade vehicle check. It's essential to be well-informed and prepared for negotiations.