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Make sure the car you are buying is not stolen, written-off or has any outstanding finance.
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Instantly view your Car’s history online

When you buy a car, there is often so much to take care of before even getting in. You need the right paperwork and history check done on your vehicle as well! Luckily this process can be done instantly with just about any smartphone or laptop now-a days - all without having go through those pesky dealer checks that always seem like such an hassle nowadays anyway...

Why do I have to check car history online?

When you have chosen your dream car, it is always recommended to do a car history check which will allow you to buy with a peace of mind that it has a clear history.

1 out of 5 cars has been in an accident and had insurance written-off

The insurance companies assign a written-off category because the car isn’t worthy of being on the road until repaired. Some categories even mean that the car can’t be repaired and it must be scrapped. For that reason, get a write-off car history check and know whether the car’s condition is worthy of spending your hard-earned cash on.

1 out of 3 car history checks reveals outstanding finance

The vehicle is bought on outstanding finance, which means it has money tied to it. If you buy such a car, you will be required to pay the car’s debts even after you pay the full amount to the seller. It is a very common fraud, although it is illegal to sell a car with outstanding finance. Get an outstanding finance check to be fully sure about the car.

65% of used cars in the UK have an adverse hidden history

More than 65% of the vehicles have been reported as stolen, have mileage anomalies, or have high risk status recorded. It isn’t a wise option to ignore car history checks because car fraud has never been this common before. So, don’t forget to check your registration plate and know if the vehicle has any adverse history recorded against its number plate.

Car History Check Online Explained

A vehicle report or car history check contains a comprehensive history of any vehicle, including the number of previous owners, outstanding finance, written off category, mileage history, and other registration details. All the information is provided by trusted sources such as the DVLA, Police National Database, and MIAFTR.

According to the DVLA’s data disclosure law, our car history check can be performed only by using the vehicle registration mark. And not by VIN. Our car history reports cover up to £30,000 of data guarantee if any inaccuracies are found.

Answering Your Questions

Unfortunately, No. A vehicle history report requires a vehicle registration number to reveal its history, not a VIN.

There are two vehicle history checks: free and comprehensive vehicle report. In a free check, you get limited information about the car. However, a comprehensive check will show a detailed report that will help you buy like a pro.

Sadly, no. None of the car history check services in the UK can reveal vehicle owner or registered keeper contact details because it could violate DVLA guidelines, for privacy reasons. But you can know the number of previous owners count in a comprehensive car history check.

According to the DVLA data disclosure law, all car history checks in the UK can only reveal the last five digits of the VIN. It is because some fraudsters use it for cloning. Therefore, DVLA restricts us from disclosing all 17 digits of the VIN.

A free car history report will reveal up to 15+ basic vehicle information such as vehicle make and model, MOT and tax status, mileage at the most recent MOT, colour, and import status, and much more.

While there is no exclusive car history service at The Auto Experts, you can still know the mechanical history of the vehicle. Our report will provide the MOT service history for free, with advisory failures and notes (on parts that failed or had some problems during the test).