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If you struggle with how to check a car valuation, Check your car valuation immediately with exact information from the auto experts. Car valuation in the UK refers to the process of assessing the estimated market value of a vehicle. It involves determining the worth of a car based on various factors such as its make, model, age, mileage, condition, optional features, and current market trends.

Car valuation is important for several purposes, including buying or selling a car, insurance purposes, financial planning, and trade-ins. It helps individuals understand the fair market value of a vehicle, ensuring that they are paying or asking a reasonable price.

In the UK, there are various sources and services that provide car valuation information. These sources consider data such as recent sales prices, dealer prices, and market trends to provide an estimated value for a specific car model. This information can be obtained through online platforms, automotive publications, car valuation websites, and professional appraisal services.

5 Band Car Valuation

Do you want to know how to mark the best deals in the second-hand car market? Or it is about getting the attention of potential buyers of the market. No matter what it is, our car valuation tool can be beneficial as it will tell you the exact worth of the car. When you know the car’s value, you get confidence while negotiating with potential buyers or sellers. Plus, you won’t ever fall into an unfair deal.

How are we different? We believe in providing quality so; we choose to provide a premium car valuation check (which is not free) rather than a free valuation check to exclude limitations. Want to know how to check your car market value with our premium offer? How is it better than free valuation checks? All this and more in our detailed guide below.

What factors affect the car's value?

Why is the car valuation check showing less value of my car as compared to other similar models? Well, there are certain factors which are in demand in the market. If your vehicle is lacking them, you get a low price for it. Let us see what the factors are.

  • Age and mileage – New cars have high demand in the market, but only when it has low mileage number. Mileage is a significant factor; you will get a fantastic return from your car if it is down.
  • Previous owners – You get a high price for a car with fewer previous owners because more previous owners lead to the suspicion that the vehicle may have some problems.
  • Damage – Car with no damage is attention-grabbing and gives you an edge over other similar models. So, the cars in excellent condition with minimal to no markings get a higher position.
  • Service history - The service history record can skyrocket a car's value because it is proof that the car is serviced regularly. Such cars grab the attention of potential buyers quickly.
  • Car's colour – Some colours are desirable as compared to others. Mainly, it depends on the car's model. So, the car with desirable colour will perform better in the market.
  • Modifications – if you like a particular modification in the car, it does not mean others will also. So, generally, unmodified cars get a higher value. The modified vehicles may also put off potential buyers because most insurers refuse to provide cover for them.
  • Updated MOT – Not updated car documents such as a missing MOT can highly affect the car's value. So, it is better to keep updating them.

What does our online car valuation show?

When you order a premium valuation check from the auto experts, you are presented with the following details that will help you know the car’s value in any type of deal.

  • Dealer forecourt price – how much to expect when buying from a dealer.
  • Trade retail
  • Private clean
  • Private Average
  • Part exchange price – The amount you can expect for the car as a part exchange.
  • Auction price – the actual cost of the car at auction sites.
  • Trade average
  • Trade poor

Ready to haggle any type of dealer, right? We provide all this information in our car valuation check for just £2.99 – the lowest price for a premium car valuation check in the UK.

Can I get a car valuation for free?

Yes, you can easily find a free car valuation tool with many providers. But the real question is, do they provide an accurate price or just a close-to-accurate figure for the cars? Let us find out.

If it is your first time checking car value online, the free car valuation tool is an excellent option, but you should know its limitations; It is a basic check that compares age, makes, and model with the recent market price. They skip the most important factors that affect the cost of the car, i.e., specific trim level, mileage, and depreciation. You must add the car’s exact mileage, optional equipment, and trim level for more accurate pricing. But it is only possible with a paid car valuation tool.

Plus, you get only two-band valuation with the free valuation check, while a paid valuation tool provides three estimates; private sale price, dealer price, and franchise dealer price. The auto experts get even better because you get terrific five estimates that include dealer forecourt price, private clean, trade retail, private average, part exchange, auction price, trade average, and trade poor.

Apart from this, free and paid valuation have vast databases difference. A paid tool collects and combines the data from auction sites, car advertisements, ex-fleet, dealer websites, and leasing vehicle values. Also, it considers depreciation costs for specific cars and dealer transactions to present you with the most accurate selling or buying price of the vehicles.

So, if you are serious and want to get an entirely accurate price, you should order our 5-bands paid valuation check, which will cost you £2.99 only.

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Answering Your Questions

Overall, car values provide crucial information for buying, selling, insurance, financing, and long-term ownership considerations. They help individuals make informed decisions and ensure they're getting fair deals and appropriate coverage for their vehicles.

Several factors can significantly affect the value of a car, like age and Mileage, Condition, Make, Model, Features, Market Demand,Regional Factors, and economic factors.