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Make sure the car you are buying is not written-off.
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Free DVLA vehicle check along with Car write-off check

You may ask yourself why this is important or if you should buy an insurance write-off check. If your car has been properly repaired, then there will likely not even need to go through the process of getting its title fixed since it won't have any accidents on record! You can purchase one with less hassle and cost than trying to fix things up again after an accident happened previously - so make sure before buying anything that needs fixing soon.

Insurance Write-off Check – Explained:

Insurance industries use the term "Insurance write-off" when the vehicle has been in an accident or declared a total loss. Such vehicles are dangerous to drive on the road, and the repair cost would not be affordable.

Can I buy an insurance write-off vehicle?

Yes, you can purchase an insurance write-off vehicle by thoroughly inspecting it and only after you confirm that the repairs made are satisfactory. The vehicle must be safe to drive again on the road.

Vehicle insurance write-off categories

Write-off details are categorized in the following categories:

  1. Cat A - The vehicle is either too damaged or too old to repair. It also implies that the car parts are outdated and cannot be resold. Hence, these vehicles are considered as scrap.
  2. Cat B - Certain parts, on the other hand, may be re-used or sold second-hand if removed by an expert, but a Category B write-off vehicle cannot be sold.
  3. Cat C/S - You need to remember the repair cost is more than the value of the vehicle, and you have to register again with the DVLA before taking it on the road.
  4. Cat D/N - If the vehicle has sustained a non-structural damage that may have affected its security. If the repairs are satisfactory, you may purchase this vehicle.

How to Check if a car has been in an accident?

Our Premium check for £9.99 will reveal if the car has been in an accident. This data is sourced from MIAFTR (Motor Insurance Anti-Fraud and Theft Register) which contains the database of vehicles that are stolen (recovered) and if the vehicle has been in an accident. So, make a smarter decision and check car insurance write off before buying a used car.

What will happen if my car is written-off?

If your vehicle is written-off, ownership is transferred to your insurance provider, and you are compensated. If your vehicle is declared as total loss, you will have the option of purchasing it and repairing it yourself.

Should I be worried about write-off status on vehicle?

1 in 5 vehicles we check will reveal the accident history of car. This information can provide you with more details about its past and allow you to take a decision before you proceed to purchase.

Insurance write-off checks provide complete peace of mind since, while a Category S or N write-off can be rectified, it's important to know if it's been written off previously. The legislation in the UK – compels a dealer or trade seller to notify potential buyers if the vehicle they're selling has been previously written off, but private sellers are not required to do so.

An unexpected insurance write-off check could indicate that you're buying from a shady person who hasn't been totally transparent about the vehicle's past, so do your homework so you have reliable information.

Hidden Vehicle History is Surprising Common

The insurance companies won’t risk putting a useless car on the roads. If the condition is not worthy, their engineers assign a write-off category directly. However, some private sellers give a shiny outer look and convince you to buy. As per UK law, it is illegal to drive a written-off car. The driver may be subject to several penalties. So, don’t risk it. Go for our trusted insurance write-off sourced from UK’s top insurance companies.

Answering Your Questions

A write off check source information from DVLA and find out the car has been in an accident as per MIAFTR records. They don’t provide such confidential information for free. So, a free car write off check is just a fantasy. However, there is a free car history check. It provides limited information.

Buying an insurance write-off vehicle has its pros and cons. However, you must be extra sharp when making a decision. The crucial factor to consider when a car has been in an accident is its price. Calculate the repair costs, risk, and time, and check if it is worth it. It's vital to remember that the car is assigned a written-off category for a reason—it is better to look out for it.

There are multiple vehicles checks available, but we offer more information. Furthermore, our comprehensive check is available at the lowest price. Here is what you get from our comprehensive insurance write-off check:

  • Date Transaction
  • Category
  • MIAFTR Entry Date
  • Loss Type
  • Loss Date

And many other important vehicle information to help you buy with peace of mind.

If it is your car, you can always buy it back from the insurance company. Just reinsure with the same or a different firm. If you somehow bought a written-off vehicle, make sure you check whether it is registered with DVLA and has passed its MOT or not.

Note that not all insurance companies will assign a write-off. However, they will cost you a higher premium. You can get a decent insurance quote by comparing insurance companies' premiums. Plus, you must check their insurance terms and agreements beforehand.