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MOT and its Importance

MOT (Ministry of Transport) test is a legal requirement to ensure that the car is safe and roadworthy. But it’s only required when your vehicle is three or more years old. Also, when you are buying a used vehicle, the MOT test is one of the factors that may change your decision because a car without MOT history may have faults that the seller want to hide. So, before buying, check the MOT history of the vehicle that includes:

check list

MOT test passed or failed


Mileage Record

Parts failures during the test

Parts failures during the test

Parts Identified Minor Problem

Parts Identified Minor Problem

next due date of mot

Next due date of MOT

tax sheet

TAX / SORN status

vehicle age meter

Vehicle's Age

check list

Advisory and failure notices

Usually, people SORN their vehicle to avoid paying tax for it. SORN stands for Statutory Off-Road Notification and is used to inform the DVLA that you are registering the car as off the road. As a result, it becomes crucial for you to know that the car is registered as SORN, and you must UN-SORN it before taking it on the road.

How to Check the MOT status of the car?

You will need your car’s registration number to check the MOT status – Just visit our MOT check page and enter your car’s registration number. You will get the complete MOT history with the next MOT due date – all from the DVLA database. The report will display advisories, failures, and warnings that are extremely important to know before buying a second-hand car.

Why trust the auto experts?

Our MOT history check reports are 100% genuine and provide more details as compared to our competitors. We provide:

Why is it essential to check MOT status?

When you are buying a used car, it is vital to know the engine’s condition and other components of the car. Most sellers hide their cars’ major and minor faults to get high returns from buyers, but the MOT test reveals all the truth.

Since it is a legal requirement in the UK to conduct an MOT test if your car is three or more than three years old, many would have performed it. When you check the MOT status with us, you get all the details of parts failure, advisory notes, minor and major faults in the car’s components, and many other factors that will help you buy the right car.

What happens if your car does not have a valid MOT?

It is illegal to drive without a valid MOT test unless driving to an MOT test centre or garage. However, even then, your car must be free of any significant fault that risks the safety of others on the road. Such faults are listed on your MOT certificate; make sure to check those out. There are 11000 ANPR cameras across the UK; these cameras can identify and mark your car if you are missing a valid MOT – You may get a £1000 fine or may get disqualified from driving for at least six months.

So, make sure you know your MOT expiry date and update it from time to time. Apart from this, you must know that the car has a valid MOT before buying it. You may have purchased it a few days ago, but if the ANPR cameras or the police caught you without an MOT, you get a fine instantly – no questions asked. Therefore, order an MOT history check and know any car’s MOT details by registration number.

Can I get tax and insurance status in the report?

Yes and no.

You will get tax status from the MOT check, but our report has no insurance status. From the tax status, you will know if the car is registered as SORN or not. As it is illegal to drive a SORN vehicle, we have provided a tax status in our report. If the tax status is green, it tells you that the owner is paying tax and the car is not registered as SORN.

How do you UN-SORN a car?

If you want to drive the car again or planning to sell it, you can remove the SORN. All you need to do is tax your vehicle online or over the phone. Also, you can pay the tax through Post Office Branches. To remove the SORN, you will need the 11-digit number from your V5C logbook. When you pay the car’s tax, it removes the SORN automatically. Plus, while removing the SORN, you must ensure that your vehicle has valid insurance and MOT before you start driving it again.