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All You Need To Know About SORN & UNSORN a Vehicle

SORN – What is it?

SORN stands for “Statutory Off Road Notification”. It is a legal requirement when you have decided to take your vehicle off the road. A registered SORN vehicle does not need to pay road tax and insurance. What’s the need for it?

Well, if the vehicle is no longer in use, then what’s the point of paying road tax and insurance. In such cases, we declare the vehicle as SORN and keep the SORN documents as proof. Sometimes, the DVLA asks for SORN evidence. So, it’s wise to keep the documents in an easily reachable place.

In case you ask whether you can drive a SORN vehicle, the answer is not at all. It is unlawful to drive a SORN vehicle because, technically, your car does not have insurance and tax. So, you can’t take the car on public roads except for this one exception; Taking a car to garage for a pre-booked MOT. Should you be stopped and investigated by the police, the garage staff will confirm the appointment details. In otherwise cases, driving a SORN car can land you a £2500 fine no matter what reason you have.

How Do I Declare a Vehicle as SORN?

No longer need your ride? Make sure you declare your vehicle as SORN to get rid of insurance and road tax. How to SORN a car? Following are the three ways you can declare SORN to DVLA:

  • Call DVLA service line
  • Contact DVLA online
  • Send a post to DVLA address

Call DVLA Service Line:

Declaring a SORN becomes easy if you are the vehicle’s registered keeper. You can directly call DVLA on 0300 123 4321 and SORN a car without documents like V11. It’s easy, but you should be ready to spare some time on a call hold.

Contact DVLA Online:

On the other hand, you can get a SORN easily through the DVLA website. Visit the website and click on the “Apply Now”. Follow the given instructions, and voila! Your vehicle will get a SORN without you stepping out of your bedroom.

Send a Post to DVLA Address:

If you have recently bought a car but aren’t its registered keeper yet, you have to send a post to get SORN. In the V5C logbook, you will find a V890 application form. Fill it out & send it to the DVLA office in Swansea, SA99 1AR. However, if you don’t have a logbook yet, you must fill out a V62 form to get a logbook.

What Are the Rules and Regulations for SORN Vehicles?

The number of SORN vehicles has dramatically increased, especially in the pandemic. Many false rumors about SORN resulted in many fines. Therefore, in June 2021, the DVLA set out and reminded SORN restrictions to save people from getting a vehicles penalty for driving a SORN car. Following are those reminders:

SORN does not require renewal:

The car SORN lasts forever until it is re-taxed, scrapped, sold, or permanently exported. Once SORN confirms, you are free of insurance and road tax forever.

SORN vehicles can’t be on public roads:

SORN vehicles must not be seen on public roads, either parked or moving. Yes, you heard it right! Once you SORN a car, you must keep it in private land; a garage, driveway or any other private property.

You can’t transfer SORN to the next vehicle keeper:

Just like you can’t transfer vehicle tax, in the same way, SORN status isn’t transferrable. So, if you plan to buy a SORN vehicle and want to keep it off the road, make sure you request a new SORN.

Electric vehicles require SORN, although they don’t incur vehicle tax:

Even though electric cars are free to tax, you must get a SORN to keep them off the road. In the same way, you must tax it again to get it back on the road. In otherwise cases, you get a vehicles penalty for driving a SORN vehicle.

Can I Buy Or Sell a SORN Vehicle?

Yes, buying or selling a SORN car is possible and legal. However, it gets pretty complicated since you can’t have a test drive. Most buyers ask for a test drive before proceeding with the deal. Likewise, you must ensure MOT status, insurance, and car tax when selling the vehicle privately. The same goes for buying a SORN car; the prohibitions weaken your trust in the vehicle. Long story short, it becomes challenging and confusing to buy or sell a car with SORN.

How to Check a Vehicle SORN Status?

Is your car still SORN? Usually, when declaring or removing a SORN, you want to confirm if the car SORN is active or removed. In fact, it’s essential to check if a vehicle is SORN because driving a SORN vehicle may subject you to a £2500 fine. So, here is the best and most authentic way for vehicle SORN check:

Check Vehicle SORN Status Online:

The vehicle SORN check is available at The Auto Experts for free. Plus, you get other basic information about the car. However, a comprehensive report will cost you £9.99, providing critical vehicle history to help you make an informed decision.

How to UnSORN a Vehicle?

It’s straightforward! You just need to pay car tax to un-SORN your vehicle. In order to pay vehicle tax, visit the Vehicle Tax Section of the Gov. uk website. Follow the instructions given on the website, and there you go!

Is it taxed and insured now? Well, a careful person would check:

  • SORN status
  • Insurance status – Check if it is valid and has not expired.
  • MOT status – Check if the MOT has not expired.

If the SORN was active for more than a year, we suggest you check all the above vehicle information. And why take a risk when all this information is available for free at The Auto Experts?