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The ultimate guide to conducting cheapest HPI check

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The Hire Purchase Investigation (HPI) Company, the pioneer of this business, provides a car data check service. However, modern, improved, cost-effective vehicle inspection service providers do their best to assist used car buyers. The car data market in the UK has evolved and opened up, meaning you can now get the same information about the vehicle from other providers but for less money. Still, some people prefer cheapest HPI checks because they think they are an all-in-one package and provide information that others do not. Well, that is a half-truth.

The HPI check has only one Package. In contrast, we have two packages: free and premium. If you want the same information as the HPI, opt for a premium car history check, and you will find no information missing—that is a promise.

But buyers, beware; most car history check services scam you with the cheapest HPI check label. There is no such thing as a Free HPI check. Finding a genuine service provider like The Auto Experts would be best, where you get a premium  vehicle check.

AE pricing

Who offers the cheapest HPI clear check for used cars?

We understand you like to change cars often, so finding the cheap HPI check in the UK has become more relevant than ever. We offer one of the most affordable, authentic, and comprehensive vehicle checks. Compare pricing here.

Let’s compare Auto Expert’s Car Check (£9.99 with £30,000 data guarantee) with three other highly regarded car history checks.

  •  HPI Check (£19.99) – With A Data Guarantee Of £30,000

Three complete checks cost – £29.97(redeemable within two years). While it is the most famous and the oldest car check in the UK, it is also the most expensive. Whatever car data you get from the HPI, you can also get from us, so why pay more?

  •  RAC Check (£14.99) – With A Data Guarantee: £30,000

Another top-rated and authentic car history service in the UK, RAC offers all the data we provide for £14.99. Source. There is no point in paying more pounds for a single check.

  •  The AA Car Check (£14.99) – With A Data Guarantee: £30,000

Again, one of the UK’s most reliable car data history providers is far more expensive than The Auto Experts, but the amount of vital information we provide is the same.

As you can see, we are most economical not only in the base price but also in the fact that we are also most affordable when it comes to multi checks. Our all-secondary vehicle checks are available for £4.99.

(Price per vehicle, single check only, as of 24 Apr, 2024):

What do I get from a cheap car HPI Check alternative?

The Auto Experts are the cheapest HPI check alternative and offer all the car details you expect from HPI. Here’s what you will get by paying just £9.99 against HPI’s £19.99.

  1. Less than half the price of the HPI Check
  2. Vehicle history report within seconds.
  3. 24/7 Beneficial customer support
  4. Two packages, Where the Basic check is free and the premium for just £9.99, the cheapest vehicle check available in the market
  5. Offers the second-time check at £6.99 for a lifetime, making us the UK’s cheapest car data check provider.

Can I get a free HPI check from The Auto Experts?

Both yes and no,

We offer a complimentary vehicle check, which is less detailed than our premium and not equivalent to an HPI check. No provider can claim to give you a free HPI check alternative. If there is one, it is a scam because, for the premium check, the providers are being charged from their sources. How can one offer a free Check when they are being accused themselves? They would go bust overnight!

The DVLA charges us £1 to £5 for each check, so no one will give this kind of information for free as it would be a loss for them. Also, providing such information for free is illegal per the Terms and Conditions of various third parties.

But it does not mean our free vehicle history check is not worth it. You can get a lot of helpful information and help to buy a used car. However, the fact is a fact; you have to pay for the detailed report. Here is the ultimate guide to conducting a cheap HPI check.


The HPI check is crucial before buying a used vehicle, but you can get the same information from our premium vehicle check-in for less than half the price. So, order our cheapest HPI check to save your pounds and drive with peace of mind.

Answering your questions

1. Are free HPI check alternatives as reliable as paid services?

While free HPI alternative checks may offer a different depth of information than paid checks, Free checks provide valuable insights into a vehicle’s history. However, using multiple sources and cross-reference information is essential to ensure accuracy.

2. Why should I opt for an accessible alternative to an HPI check rather than an HPI check?

HPI check is not providing free checks. HPI check starting price is £ 9.99. But in a free HPI alternative check, you can get basic vehicle details for free, and in a premium check, you will get a full comprehensive vehicle report.

3. What does HPI clear mean?

A vehicle is considered HPI Clear when the HPI Report indicates the following:

  • There are no ongoing finance agreements or secured loans associated with it.
  • It is not currently listed as stolen on the Police National Computer.
  • The insurance company has not written it off as a total loss.
  • It has yet to be marked as scrapped by the DVLA.

4. Are HPI check alternatives completely reliable?

it’s important to understand that the information they provide is only as accurate as what’s been reported. That being said, independent services often quote accuracy rates exceeding 99.9%, meaning errors are very uncommon.

This revised version clarifies the question and avoids making absolute claims about trust. It emphasizes that the accuracy relies on proper reporting while acknowledging the high success rates of reputable HPI alternatives.

An HPI check is a service offered in the UK that provides a detailed history report on a used car. This report can be crucial for anyone considering buying a used vehicle, as it helps to uncover potential problems and avoid fraud. The company that pioneered these car history checks in the 1930s was HPI Ltd, and the name has stuck ever since. Even though HPI now offers a broader range of services beyond just historical pricing, “HPI check” remains the most common term used in the UK for a comprehensive used car history report. HPI check charging £19.99 for the full report. The Auto Experts is one of the best HPI check in the UK market and offers a Cheap car hpi check at £9.99 with a fully comprehensive report. (HPI and HPI Check are trademarks owned by HPI Limited. The Auto Experts is not affiliated with HPI or the HPI Check)