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How to Check If a Vehicle Is Stolen By Licence Plate Number?

Do you know what will happen if you are caught driving a stolen car? As per UK law, you are responsible for it. Private dealings are always risky if you are buying a used car. You might end up spending money on a stolen marked vehicle.

If you have decided to buy a second-hand car, take caution first. There are several ways to check if a vehicle is reported stolen in the police national computer.

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How Do You Check If a Vehicle is Stolen?

With The Auto Experts stolen car check, you can check if a car was stolen by number plate. Enter your reg number, and you can begin searching police databases know if your car is marked stolen or not.

It will cost you just £8.95, but you will get complete peace of mind that you are not purchasing a vehicle which is reported stolen and has other dangerous history.

What We Check-in a Stolen Car Check?

We The Auto Experts have access to VOSA and Police National Database (PND). To check if  vehicle is stolen, all we ask for is your car’s VRM. Our stolen car check starts checking the following details:

  • Live tax status
  • Chassis number or registration number
  • Live MOD status
  • MID linking to make sure that the car is insured
  • Logbook verification
  • And more than 49 other Car History Report.

All this to save you from buying a stolen vehicle. So, no need to worry; you are in good hands!

Why Should I Bother With Stolen Vehicle Check?

If you buy a stolen car and it isn’t discovered at the moment, there are high chances that the Police and the insurers will mark it stolen in some time. When the vehicle is marked, the ANPR cameras will detect the number plate and informs the Police.

When the Police catch the car, they have the power to give it back to its owner or the insurance company. Also, you won’t get any compensation even if you tell them that you are a victim. Although your insurer might cover you, this is not guaranteed though.

No one will see you as a victim. In contrast, you are a person violating the law. Even the money lenders will demand interest and won’t care about such incidents. And believe me, it’s entirely legal. So,

How to Avoid Buying a Stolen Car?

While buying a second-hand vehicle, you must take more precautions.
Following are various precautions to consider.

  • Ask the seller to give you the car’s registration number, MOT test number, make, and model.
  • Match the history and MOT status with the given details
  • Check whether the car is recalled because of a safety issue or not.
  • Check the V5C vehicle registration certificate or logbook and make sure it has a “DVL” watermark on it.
  • Match the car identification and engine number with the details on the logbook

What if by Any Means I Bought a Stolen car?

On top of it all, if you didn’t order a stolen vehicle, check and bought a stolen car. No need to panic. Call your insurance company and Police and make them believe that it’s not a fraud and the car is genuinely stolen.

Follow these steps, and you might get some reimbursement for a stolen vehicle but not always.

  • Inform Police: Call the Police, and they will ask you for the make, model, registration, and colour of the car and issue a crime reference number. It will come in handy when you ask your insurance company to claim back vehicle tax.
  • In the end, tell the DVLA: When you get the claim for the stolen vehicle from your insurer, you must inform DVLA about it. Let them know that the vehicle is sold to the insurance company.

A lot of hassle indeed, but all this would be unnecessary if you order a stolen car check.


There are various factors to consider when buying a second-hand car, and in private dealings, many such cases are reported, and the buyer ends up facing it. So, no need to buy the used car in the first place, but if you have no option left, then at least order a stolen car check to save your hard-earned cash.

Also, keep in mind that no one will provide you free stolen car check – such people are fraudsters and make you believe that the car is not stolen without checking it.