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Vehicle History check – Check it out before buying a used vehicle

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Are you looking to purchase a used car? You probably have a long list of things to inspect and questions to ask. But have you considered checking the car’s history with vehicle history check report? 

A recent report found that over half (52%) of pre-owned cars have undisclosed histories, which could lead to various problems for their new owners. Taking a few minutes to research the car’s history can give you valuable peace of mind, ensuring you’re not inheriting someone else’s issues.

Why is a vehicle history check important?

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency reported 64,087 stolen cars in 2023, up from 61,106 the year before (a 4.9 percent increase). 

Cars written off by insurance companies due to severe damage might be back on the road but could have hidden issues. A car check can identify write-offs and their category.

Before making a purchase, it is critical to learn about the history of the used vehicle. A car history check provides invaluable insights into a vehicle’s past history, including any hidden issues, outstanding finance, previous accidents, etc.

Free v/s Paid vehicle history checks

In the UK, various types of car history checks are available, ranging from Free to comprehensive reports. These may include:

Free Checks: Providing essential information such as MOT history, tax status, registration details and 25+ data fields.

Premium Checks: We offer a detailed overview, including outstanding finance, insurance write-offs, mileage discrepancies, and more. Our vehicle check report contains reliable information sourced from top UK agencies, including the DVLA, DVSA, Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB), and Police National Database. We offer more than just vehicle check reports. 

Choose the correct vehicle history check to meet your needs.

Selecting the appropriate vehicle history check depends on your specific requirements and budget.

A free check report may be sufficient if you’re looking for basic details like MOT and tax stats, registration, and basic vehicle details. If you’re serious about buying, a full car history check with more comprehensive information will help you with the investment.

We offer one of the most affordable, comprehensive vehicle check reports. Let’s compare Auto Expert’s Car Check (£9.99 up to £30,000 data guarantee) with three other highly regarded car history check service providers in the UK.

 HPI Check (£19.99)

Three complete checks cost – £29.97(redeemable within two years). While it is the most famous and the oldest car check in the UK, it is also the most expensive. Whatever car data you get from the HPI, you can also get from us, so why pay more?

 RAC Check (£14.99) 

Another top-rated and authentic car history service in the UK, RAC offers all the data we provide for £14.99. Source. There is no point in paying more pounds for a single check.

 The AA Car Check (£14.99)

Again, one of the UK’s most reliable car data history providers is far more expensive than The Auto Experts, with no difference in the amount of vital information we provide.

What information is included in our vehicle history check?

Our vehicle history check report will provide 50+ data points. You can get your car history report in one click, where you need to enter your vehicle’s registration number. It highlights your Full vehicle check information, which is or can be a significant issue. 

  • Outstanding finance or loans against the vehicle
  • Insurance write-offs and accident history
  • Stolen vehicle status
  • Import/export stats
  • Number of Previous owners and registration dates
  • High-Risk Check
  • Mileage discrepancies or tampering
  • MOT history and Tax status

How to conduct a vehicle check?

Conducting a vehicle check is a straightforward process in the UK. Simply enter the vehicle’s registration number to generate a detailed report. Many providers offer instant access to reports, allowing buyers to make timely decisions during the purchasing process.

Explore the detailed information in our vehicle history check report for only £9.99! We source over 50+ trusted data points to bring you a comprehensive report on any UK-registered vehicle. 


An online vehicle history check is an important thing for any used car buyer in the UK. By understanding the importance, types, and process of conducting such checks, buyers can confidently explore the used car market, knowing the necessary information to make informed decisions. So, before buying a used vehicle conduct a vehicle check—it could save you from a bumpy ride ahead!

Answering your questions:

How can I find out about vehicle history?

Find out about a vehicle history by conducting a vehicle history check in The Auto Experts. Our platform provides free vehicle history inquiries using just the vehicle registration number. Our database contains over 40 million vehicle records registered in the UK.

Is a Vehicle history check valuable?

Absolutely! A Vehicle history check is valuable in protecting you from purchasing a vehicle with a problematic past. It provides essential information, including outstanding finance, theft reports, and write-off details and more.. This transparency is crucial for peace of mind and safe investment.

Will I receive a copy of the vehicle history check report?

Yes! Premium vehicle history check report delivered on screen to you immediately after you purchase it. You will also get an email. You should save email for future reference as you will require the reference number to update your check.