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What is covered in car warranty and how it works?

car warranty

Whether it’s a drive with family, to a job interview, or commuting to work, the cars pick the worst possible times to break down and mostly leave you with huge repair bills. If the manufacturer’s car warranty has expired or you are driving a used car, then you have a serious problem to handle.

While there is no way to put a stop to car breakdowns, you can buy a car warranty that will cover you for car breakdowns and save you thousands of pounds. What does it cover, and how it works? Well, that’s what we are about to find out.

Modern vehicles with complex electronic systems have more chances of a part failing, and you may have to pay the repair bills even though you have an active warranty. So, it’s of utmost importance to know the exceptions of car warranty covers.

Ideally, your car warranty should cover:

  • Engine
  • Suspension
  • Gearbox
  • Steering
  • Cooling System
  • Clutch
  • Electrical Components
  • Fuel and Ignition Systems
  • ABS braking system
  • Ignition
  • Breakdowns
  • You may get a free number of services on a new car

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Following are car parts that won’t have a car warranty cover:

• Wear and tear of tyres, windscreen, wipers, brake pads, and clutches are not covered. However, you can claim if these failures occur in the new car within the 3 months.

• Fluids like antifreeze, brake fluids, and oil won’t be covered.

• Damage by accident or part failure due to negligence won’t get a warranty cover. (The warranty specifies that you must regularly service the car or else the warranty could be void)

• Scratches to the paintwork or scuffed wheels are outside the warranty’s cover.

• Any modification to the car, such as suspension change or altering the engine tuning, will void the warranty.

• Batteries won’t have any cover until or unless it fails in a new car within the 90-days period.

• If the car is used for racing, drifting, or a taxi, the warranty gets void.

Usually, the car warranty providers differ in their terms and conditions. So, before choosing a warranty provider, make sure you read all the associated terms and conditions. While there are multiple warranty providers, we suggest the carwarrantydirect because it provides you best services and almost cover your total car for any failure.

Types Of Car Warranties: Which One Is Right for You?

Following are the available car warranty on new cars:

1. The Adjustment warranties – For small annoyances you may encounter in the first weeks

2. Manufacturer’s warranties – The factory warranty which covers major car components to a certain time period or mileage

3. Secret Warranties–When the manufacturer’s warranty runs out, you sometimes get a cover as goodwill service from the company. But not always.

4. Extended Warranty – If your car’s manufacturer warranty has expired, you can get a new one from warranty providers such as carwarrantydirect so that you can drive with peace of mind.

What is covered in a 3-month car warranty?

Some sellers will offer you a 3-month car warranty on the used cars as part of sweet-talking to sell, but most won’t. The 3-month car warranty usually provides the same cover as the manufacturer’s warranty, but sometimes it’s quitelimited. So, it’s important to read the terms and conditions of the warranty before proceeding with the deal. To explain better, let’s break down the warranties into two categories:

1. Warranties for new cars: New cars come with a manufacturer’s warranty which lasts from three to seven years. It covers almost all major faults except wear and tear. However, for the warranty to be valid, the manufacturers specify some rules. For example, servicing a car at its specified time from a reputable dealer. Therefore, make sure you give it a glimpse reading to be safe from accidentally voiding the warranty. 

2. Warranties for used cars: Can you get a warranty on used cars? Yes, but the used car warranties are not so genuine because private car dealers offer them. They often include so many conditions that it almost makes it impossible for the driver to claim. Also, the used car warranties tend to be more expensive than those you can buy online, i.e., extended warranties. In the case of used cars, you have two best options which are: 

• Buy an extended warranty from warranty providers online such as carwarrantydirect.
• Buy a used car that has some years of manufacturer’s warranty. 

How does a warranty on a vehicle work?

Usually, the car warranty runs from three to seven years, depending on the third party or the car’s manufacturer. In the event of any failure or breakage, you get a full or half cover on the repair costs from the warranty provider – providing that the car has been regularly serviced as specified by the warranty provider and meets the warranty’s conditions.

The repair costs coverage is dependent on the policy and claim limit. For instance, some warranty providers will just cover the replacement cost while others will cover the parts and labour fee.

How to claim your car warranty?

If you see any fault in your car’s parts, immediately contact your warranty provider and set up a claim. You might lose your cover if you wait for more than a week. To report a claim, you must follow the specified procedure from the warranty provider documents and:

1. Call your warranty provider – You won’t have a cover for repair work before reporting a claim through call or email to the warranty provider.

2. Explain the problem details – The warranty provider will specify the nearest authorised garage for repair. If you other repair shops, your provider won’t pay for it.

3. Contact the garage – Book your car in for a repair. You will need a copy of warranty policy documents, an updated MOT certificate, and proof of regular car servicing.