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How to check VIN number from registration plate of a car in the UK?

how to check vin from registration number plate

The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is a unique code assigned to each vehicle, providing critical information about its specifications and history. In the United Kingdom (UK), checking the VIN from a car’s registration number is possible. This process allows individuals to access relevant details about a vehicle’s history, such as its make, model, year of manufacture, and more. Here, we will explore how to check the VIN from a car’s registration number in the UK. Every car we see on the highway has a unique stamped-in vehicle identification number (VIN), which is its proof of identity. What a UK Citizen Card is for a person, a VIN is for a vehicle. As our Citizen Card holds essential information about us, the agencies record all the details about a vehicle against its VIN and Registration Number. Let’s find out how to check the VIN from the registration number plate.

Complete vehicle checks, including a VIN check. While you can easily find a car’s registration number, you must try to find the VIN. Luckily, you can get the last five digits of the VIN from the registration number plate at The Auto Experts. Yes, we cannot provide the whole car identification number because it is illegal according to UK laws (more on it later).
Before we explain where to find the VIN of a car, it is crucial to understand the VIN.

How can I check the VIN online? How can I check Vin from the registration number plate?

Fortunately, you can also check the last 5 digits of a vehicle’s VIN online at any car history checking platform. If you want to know the make, model, body style, year, type, class and other details about a vehicle, you can run our car check online and get it for free.

Please note that we can only give you the VIN’s final five digits. All data history providers would offer you only the last five digits. The DVLA data disclosure laws restrict us from revealing all 17 digits of the VIN.

Why should you check your vehicle’s VIN from the registration number plate?

When purchasing a used car, ensure the printed VIN on the registration papers matches the number stamped into the vehicle’s chassis. Moreover, it matches the number on any other plates on the car.

You may be looking in the wrong spot and can’t find the VIN.

When there is no VIN, then it is a red indicator. The most common “no VIN” reasons are that the cars have been modified, rewritten, or taken off. If you are still looking for the VIN, it is best to contact the seller. If you discover irrelevant causes or questionable activities, leave the transaction.


vin stamped areas in a car


Is there a thing like a stolen VIN from a registration number plate check?

There is an illogical thing as a stolen VIN check, but running the vehicle registration number on our website will reveal the vehicle’s stolen status.

Besides, you would find about VIN Cloning – a trick thieves use to hide the identity of a stolen car. Therefore, what they do is alter the stolen vehicle’s VIN with another similar make and car model.

The Auto Experts would reveal every hidden aspect of the vehicle in question, from stolen, outstanding finance, written-off, VIN cloning, scrapping, and much more!

How can you check if a VIN from the registration number plate steals a car?

Well, most car history platforms in the UK reveal a vehicle’s stolen status only when you give them the vehicle’s registration number (VRN). However, a few websites claim to provide stolen information via VIN.

When you provide the automobile registration number to The Auto Experts, we will inform you of the status of the stolen car. We regret not being able to offer information via VIN. Running our car reg check is the quickest way to find out whether an automobile has been reported stolen. It will reveal stolen data and identify outstanding finance, insurance write-off status, VIN cloning, clocking, number plate change and keeper’s history, imported status, and so much more.

How do you distinguish between fake and original vehicle identification numbers?

You must do these tasks to identify fake and original VINs.

  • Firstly, run our vehicle check to get the last five digits of the VIN.
  • Now check all the places on the vehicle mentioned above and note down the VIN at every location.
  • Compare all to find any discrepancies. Any difference here means VIN cloning.
  • Match the VIN you found on the vehicle with the identification number on our VIN check report. Any inconsistency here denotes the VIN is fake. The car could be stolen, cloned, scrapped, clocked, etc.

Consulting vehicle history check services:

Vehicle history check services are another option for obtaining VIN information from a registration number. These services often require a fee but offer comprehensive reports detailing the vehicle’s history, including any previous accidents, mileage discrepancies, outstanding finance, and more.

Instead of going to the licensing department to confirm your VIN, especially for a busy college student with tight deadlines, it can be pretty hectic and time-consuming. Imagine having an impending essay deadline and needing to confirm your VIN; in such situations, consider the convenience of hiring a professional essay writer to manage your academic responsibilities efficiently. This way, you can focus on your studies and assignments without the added stress of navigating administrative processes.


In the UK, various methods exist for checking the VIN from a car’s registration number. Online VIN checkers, government resources like the DVLA’s Vehicle Enquiry service, and vehicle history check services provide convenient ways to access essential information about a vehicle’s account based on its registration number. By performing a VIN check, individuals can gather valuable details about a car, allowing them to make informed decisions when buying or selling a vehicle and ensuring transparency and peace of mind.

Answering your questions:

How do I check my car history with Vin from the registration number plate for free?

It is only possible to check a car’s history through VIN by paying a penny. However, our car reg check may give you some information for free. It would include MOT status and history, tax status, mileage, vehicle description, performance data, and other details.

How do I find the chassis number from the Reg number?

Enter your vehicle’s reg number here, and we will reveal its chassis number. But remember, it will not include all the seventeen digits but only the last five digits due to data disclosure rules of the UK.

Is a VIN Number the same as a Chase Number?

No, a VIN is not the same as a Chase number. The VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) is a unique code assigned to a vehicle to identify its make, model, year of manufacture, and other specific details. On the other hand, “Chase number” seems to be a typographical error, as it is not a common term used in vehicle identification or registration. The correct word is “chassis number,” another word for the VIN and refers to the same unique identifier for a vehicle.

Is the engine number and VIN the same?

VIN and the Engine Number are not the same. The chassis bears a VIN stamp and remains there forever. On the other hand, the manufacturers assign a separate number to a car’s engine, which changes with the new machine. This number signifies the size and power output of the mill. If the engine blows up and you must replace it, the new engine will come with a unique number.

How do you discover the VIN without a car from the registration number plate?

Finding a car’s VIN using a technique that you are familiar with is the only option. Own a vehicle; run a vehicle data check! However, the report will only disclose the last five digits of the VIN.

How do you find the vehicle registration number from the chassis number?

Unfortunately, you cannot get a vehicle registration number by providing its chassis number. No service in the UK is designed to offer VRN through a chassis number.